Daily Joke: A Blonde Woman Flies to New York with a Ticket for the Economy Section

Bettina Dizon
Mar 17, 2021
01:30 P.M.

A blonde model was on the way to New York City with an economy class ticket when she realized that the first-class seats were much better than hers.


A gorgeous young woman was en route to New York City and hopped on the plane to proceed to her seat at the economy section. Upon seeing the economy area, she looked forward and saw the high-end first-class seats.

She then walked towards the first-class area, observed that the seats were more spacious and comfortable, then sat down on a vacant chair by the back row.

When the flight attendant was checking tickets, she noticed that the blonde model was in the wrong area and told her that she was booked for an economy class. The blonde replied:

“I’m a famous model, and I’ve never had this problem before. I’m going to sit here all the way until we get to New York.”


Confused, the flight attendant walked to the cockpit to inform the captain of the woman. The captain then approached the model and told her that the assigned seat she has was in economy.

However, the model stared at him blankly and repeated that she was not moving seats until they landed in New York. As the captain did not want to create a scene, he went to the co-pilot to talk about the problem.


After hearing the dilemma, the co-pilot said that he used to date a blonde model and might know how to solve the problem. The co-pilot then walked to the model and whispered in her ear.

Suddenly, the young lady stood up from her seat, thanked the man, and rushed back to the economy section to find her seat. Surprised, the pilot and flight attendant asked that the co-pilot whispered.

“I just told her that the first-class seats aren’t going to New York,” he replied. Onboard the plane was a rich man dating three women, whom he tested to know who to marry. As part of the test, he each gave them $5,000 to spend.

The first woman had a makeover from head to toe and claimed she wanted to look attractive to her man. The second woman went to the mall and spent the money buying gifts for the man because she loved him that much, she said.


Meanwhile, the third woman bought several stocks and earned from her initial investment. She then returned the $5,000 to the man and opened a joint account to share the profits for their future family.

The rich man was impressed with all three women and had the whole plane ride to decide who to marry. He then chose the woman with the largest breasts.

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