Daily Joke: A Businessman Notices Handyman Painting the Walls in His Office

Bettina Dizon
Mar 16, 2021
02:50 P.M.

A businessman entered the office and noticed a handyman wearing thick clothing while painting the conference room walls.


Sometimes people take things too literally and end up experiencing inconveniences because of a lack of understanding. This is precisely what happened to a worker who had to do a task for a company.

One morning, a businessman dropped by a local cafe before heading to work. As he entered the office building, he noticed a handyman painting the new conference room walls.

The man could not help but stop and stare at the worker, wondering why he was wearing two heavy winter jackets while painting on a hot summer day.

Realizing he was late for a meeting, the businessman left and proceeded to his office to work. After getting the job done, he decided to go for his lunch break.


Again, the businessman passed the handyman painting the conference room, still wearing the two winter coats. This time, he approached the guy to satisfy his queries. He said:

“Excuse me, sir. I could not help but wonder why you are wearing two winter coats on a hot summer’s day like this. Could you tell me why?”


The handyman chuckled a bit, thinking to himself that a businessman could not comprehend what he thought was obvious. The man then got his bucket of paint and showed the executive the instructions. It read:

“For best results, put on two coats.”

Like this handyman’s innocent mind, kids always have good intentions when doing something, making a great story for those who need a laugh or two.

Did you like this joke? For another round of jokes, find out what this child did while serving her father tea during a tea party.

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