March 21, 2021

Story of the Day: Woman Gets Furious at Stepmom for Not Caring about Her and Her Sisters

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A woman got furious at her stepmom for not caring about her and her sisters as she did not remember their names even after eight years. 

A 21-year-old got upset with her stepmom as she did not remember her and her sisters' names, so she felt her stepmom did not care about them. 

Genevive is a triplet, and her two sisters' names are Suzanne and Lorelai. The women alternate between spending time with their dad and his wife and their mom and her boyfriend.

A girl looks upset and has her arms crossed. | Photo: Shutterstock


Their mom and boyfriend are always welcoming and invite them around at least once a month for family dinners. Although the girls look very similar, their mom's boyfriend could tell them apart from the beginning. 

However, their dad's wife always mixes them up, and Genevive is starting to believe that it is on purpose as their stepmom has been in the picture for eight years. 


The girls actually spend a lot more time with them than with their mom. As teenagers, Genevive understood that maybe it was hard to tell them apart, but now as grown-ups, it should be much easier. 

For starters, Genevive has dark brown hair, Suzanne has blond hair with a dramatic fringe, and Lorelai had dyed her hair bright pink and had her nose pierced. 


It should be simple for their stepmom to tell them apart with those markers, but she still mixes up their names. Usually, they ignore her until she says the right name, but Genevive was getting very frustrated at her.

One day, her stepmom called her Suzy (a nickname for Suzanne), and Genevive ignored her. Her stepmom got right in her face and asked her why she was not responding. 


Genevive shouted at her, saying she was not Suzy, and would not respond to the wrong name. She explained to her stepmom that it was ridiculous that she still, after eight years, did not know their names. 

She said to her stepmom that she felt she could not care about her and her sisters if she did not even try to call them by the correct names because if she cared, she would try. 

Her stepmom called her rude and complained to her dad. Her dad told Genevive that she had to be nice to his wife. In contrast, her sisters agreed with what she had said. 

Are Genevive's feelings valid? Is her stepmom being ridiculous? Should their dad tell his wife to try to learn their names properly? Check out another story here