March 18, 2021

Andy Cohen Opens up about His Son Ben's Recent Milestone That Simply Melts His Heart

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The Bravo talk show host shared his two-year-old son's newest words during Monday's episode of "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen."

Andy Cohen's two-year-old son, Benjamin, is reaching big milestones as the talk show host shared his favorite and least favorite things that Benjamin has been up to lately. 

Cohen revealed that the toddler has been learning to say the cutest words, which melted his father's heart, but the child had also been up to some naughty antics as he approaches his "terrible twos."

Andy Cohen at the Rocketman SAG-AFTRA Foundation Screening and Q&A on November 13, 2019 | Getty Images



During Monday's episode of "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen," the talk show host turned to his virtual audience opening the conversation up for them to ask questions. 

One viewer, who was evidently also a major Cohen fan, asked the dad what his two-year-old had been up to lately that he loved and also what he didn't enjoy as much. The host answered

"My favorite thing is he started to say, 'I love you' two nights ago. That just is melting my heart."



Despite the adorable words that Ben has recently been uttering, the two-year-old has also been up to some mischief as his father shared that he has been testing his boundaries. 

Cohen welcomed his only son via surrogacy in 2019, making him a first-time parent.

Cohen said that Ben had taken to throwing things at his father to push his limits, which was not as enjoyable as hearing the toddler say that he loves him. 



Cohen recently celebrated Ben's second birthday, and the Bravo star took to Instagram to share the sweetest photo paired with a moving caption to commemorate the big day. 

Cohen posted a photo showing Ben hugging a teddy-bear almost as big as him, smiling into the camera as he sat on the table in his adorable red pajamas. The proud dad captioned the post: 

“Ben turns 2 today! He is my true delight and I can’t imagine life without him.” 



Ben is clearly his father's pride and joy. Cohen welcomed his only son via surrogacy in 2019, making him a first-time parent, but the bond between the father and son was strong from the get-go. 

The talk show host shared that he was in the delivery room when his son was born and was also the one to cut the umbilical cord. Newborn Ben was passed to his dad to have his first moments in the world together. 

Cohen regularly shares candid moments with his son with his 4.1 million Instagram followers, documenting the big and mundane memories online. 

One time, the "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" host shared snapshots of him and his son at the same age side, revealing the uncanny resemblance between father and son.