March 18, 2021

Story of the Day: Man Tells His Ex She Will Have to Live without Her Closure

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When Matthew's ex-girlfriend, Zoya, called him over a decade after their horrible breakup to seek closure, he simply told her "No," and he felt justified. Here's why.

Matthew was surprised when he received a phone call from Zoya, an ex-girlfriend he had long forgotten about. He and Zoya grew up neighbors and were high school sweethearts, dating all through college and into their late twenties.

The truth is Matthew was deeply in love with Zoya and planned to propose to her on her 27th birthday. Perhaps it was lucky that he caught her cheating with his old college roommate before getting down on one knee.

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Matthew was so heartbroken over the betrayal that he fell into a deep depression and eventually sought therapy to get over the pain. Fast forward five years and Matthew moved on and met the absolute love of his life, Mary, and married her.

Unfortunately, Matthew and Mary's happiness would be rather short-lived because two years into the marriage, Matthew was diagnosed with a fatal illness. Doctors told him he had less than five years to live.

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Matthew didn't let the terrible news get him down. Instead, he and Mary decided to make the most of the time they had left. The lovebirds traveled around the globe, enjoyed good food, and danced and laughed as much as they could.

Now 36 years old, Matthew knew that his time on earth was coming to an end. The tragic news soon spread to his entire family and close friends, which lead to the surprising phone call from his ex.


Zoya wanted to meet up for coffee to have one last conversation and discuss the events that led to the end of their relationship. She begged:

"I heard about your illness, and I feel terrible. I need to see you face to face so that I can apologize for my actions."

Matthew said "No" and hung up the phone. Zoya was the last person he wanted to see, and he couldn't believe she dared to call nearly a decade later just because he was dying.


Within a few days, Matthew received several phone calls from family members who heard that he had refused to meet with Zoya. News had spread quickly since Matthew's parents were still neighbors with Zoya's parents.

Despite his family's pleas to hear Zoya out, Matthew stood firm with his decision and explained that there was no need to discuss a relationship he no longer cared about.


Several weeks later, Zoya called again and told Matthew that she needed absolution and closure before he passes on. Out of frustration, Matthew responded:

"Well, you're going to have to live without your closure. I'm fine, and frankly, I don't care about your selfish needs."


Matthew knew his response was harsh, but with little time left to live, he didn't see the need to spend any time or energy on his cheating ex-girlfriend. While Mary agreed with him, his family thought he could have handled things differently.

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