Atlanta-Area Mass Shooting Suspect Triggered by a Difficult Day, Says Law Enforcement Official

Laura Beatham
Mar 18, 2021
12:40 P.M.
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Law enforcement said in a conference meeting that the suspect in the Atlanta area shootings was triggered because he was having a bad day.

Law enforcement held a media conference and shared possible motives that the suspect, Robert Aaron Long, had for the murder of eight people in massage parlors on March 16 in the Atlanta area. 

Capt. Jay Baker of Cherokee Sheriff’s office revealed one possible motive: Long has "sexual addiction" issues and killed the women to reduce temptation, as he had frequented massage parlors. 

A photo of the crime scene being marked off with police tape. | News


Reported asked Baker whether the suspect was questioned if he was motivated by the women's race as six out of eight victims were women of Asian descent. 

The officer explained that although the investigation was in its early stages, the suspect did not indicate that the shootings at the massages parlors had anything to do with race. Captain Baker said in the conference:

"During his interview, he gave no indicators that this was racially motivated. We asked him that specifically and the answer was no."


Aaron Rupar, a journalist, shared multiple videos of the conference on Twitter. Users were disgusted by what was said, and many questioned the tone of Captain Baker.

In one video, Baker seems to excuse the shootings by explaining that the suspect was having a bad day and, in consequence, shot up three different establishments in Atlanta. Baker said:

“He was pretty much fed up and kind of at the end of his rope, and yesterday was a really bad day for him and this is what he did.”


The three shootings happened in two areas of Atlanta. The first happened at Youngs Asian Massage Parlour in Cherokee County. On scene, two people were found dead.

Another three gunshot victims from the shooting were transported to the hospital. Unfortunately, two died from the wounds sustained by gunfire shortly after arriving. 

Law enforcement released photos of his face from video footage at the crime scene, and his parents called in to identify him.


Less than an hour later and 30 miles away on Piedmont road, police were called to a shooting at Gold Spa. Three women were found dead on the scene. Across the street at an aromatherapy spa, another woman was found dead. 

Long was arrested on the way to Florida. State Troopers had performed a PIT maneuver which caused the suspect's car to spin-out. He was then taken to custody by Cherokee police on Tuesday night. 

He was identified with the help of his parents. Law enforcement released photos of his face from video footage at the crime scene, and his parents called in to identify him.

Long has been charged with eight counts of murder and 1 count of aggravated assault. He is being held at Cherokee County Detention Center. One of his victims is currently recovering in hospital. 

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