March 19, 2021

Story of the Day: Man Furious after Wife Opened Late Daughter's Letter & Posted It on Facebook

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How would you feel if someone you care about makes things worse to help? What happens if the person won't atone? Find out what happened when a man's wife went overboard with her attempt to help. 

Vincent had just lost his daughter Anne. It happened more than a year ago, but to him, it still felt like yesterday, and he would wake up each morning expecting to hear her come down for breakfast on her way out to school. 

She lost her life to an infection at the age of 15, but before that, the beautiful and shy girl had been living with Vincent, her stepmom, and her stepbrother. She was quiet and reserved, preferring to communicate with letters rather than words. 


A woman leaning into an open door. | Photo: Pexels.

At the age of 13, Anne decided to write herself a letter that would be opened ten years later. The letter contained some questions about her life she hoped she would have answers to if she lived that long. 


On the occasion that she didn't, Vincent was the only one allowed to open it but only on her 23rd birthday. He knew that the letter contained questions, he even wondered what they were about.

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However, he shut off his curiosity, choosing not to open it until the appointed time. The grieving father still had the letter— he kept it in a place he considered secure.

His wife thought he was being illogical for choosing to wait instead of finding closure as soon as he could, but Vincent was adamant the letter should not be opened. 

The woman eventually shut up about it but was not convinced her husband was doing the right thing. One day, she decided to help him make what she thought was the right choice. 

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It was the anniversary of Anne's death and Vincent was busy with his family. When he got home that evening, he received a call from his sister— she wanted him to check his wife's page on Facebook. 

He did, and on it was a shot of his late child's letter. Vincent lost it and in his rage confronted his wife. He wanted to know why she did what she did. 

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Apparently, she wanted people to get to know Anne more, and what better way to do that than to reveal what her dreams and aspirations for herself were.

Vincent was not buying it as he had specifically told her it was not to be opened until her 23rd birthday. His wife pleaded for a while then started to take offense.

She thought he was selfish about the affair like her own feelings were inconsequential. Vincent left their home in anger, and he stayed away for hours. 

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At that time, Vincent got calls from family members, including from his mother in law who most likely wanted to know why her daughter was upset. He deliberately ignored the calls. 

He called his wife and told her to take it down, but she wouldn't. What do you think happened next? Do you think his wife was right? Or did she go overboard? 

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