March 19, 2021

Valerie Bertinelli Wishes Happy Birthday to Her Son Wolf in a Touching Post as He Turns 30

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Valerie Bertinelli was all about her grown son, Wolfgang. In a recent post to social media, a video montage chronicled the young man's growth progress as she celebrated his big day. 

Hollywood's Valerie Bertinelli's post on her Instagram page has fans lining their well-wishes after seeing a video montage of her grown son, Wolfgang, on his 30th birthday.

Bertinelli did not hold back on the pure joy she felt, giving fans a glimpse of some of the young man's moments right from when he was a cute tot to his coming-of-age years and eventual adulthood.

Eddie Van Halen and Wolfgang Van Halen of Van Halen perform at "A Different Kind of Truth" tour at Madison Square Garden on February 28, 2012 | Photo: Getty Images


The clip opened with the sweet-faced Wolfgang rocking raven boyish bangs and looking adorable with a big smile. The photo immediately morphed into another image of an older Wolfgang. Here, the bangs gave way to parted curls.

The other moving pictures were even more delightful as they morphed into his adulthood, showing the young man rocking his manly beards. Bertinelli heartily wrote in her caption:

"Happy Birthday @wolfvanhalen I'm so ridiculously proud of the man that you are."


Bertinelli made sure to complete her celebration with a birthday cake decorated with Wolf's Mammoth band's emblem. The celebrant later posted a picture of his birthday cake, sending a shoutout to his mother. 

"Distance" became a mantra that helped him remember that he and Eddie would always be connected through the distance. 


The "One Day at a Time" actress welcomed her only child with late music icon Eddie Van Halen who passed on last October. Following the singer's death, Bertinelli and her son were quite expressive about the loss.

She once relayed that it's been rough since Eddie passed on. Bertinelli assured fans that she and her family members were doing fine and spending more bonding moments together.


During the late guitarist's posthumous birthday, Wolf honored his legacy with a soulful message on social media, pouring out his heart and relaying that he had been doing his best holding it together. 

Last month, the 30-year-old showed how he keeps honoring his father's legacy and achievement. Wolf performed the acoustic aspect of his song, "Distance," noting that he wrote it for Eddie.

The star, who is also a guitarist, stated that the "Distance" became a mantra that helped him remember that he and Eddie would always be connected through the distance. He added that it was a reassurance that he would be okay.