March 27, 2021

Daily Joke: A New Supermarket with Special Effects Opened in Sydney

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A new supermarket in Sydney has special effects that give buyers the sound and smell relating to every product. A buyer, therefore, decided that he would never buy toilet paper from there.

A new supermarket was opened in Sydney, a city in Australia. There, they sold a lot of things ranging from household products to fresh farm produce.

To keep the farm produce fresh, the store employed the use of an automatic water misting machine that gives off the sound of distant thunder and the smell of rain.

A grocery store | Photo: Pexels


In the milk department, buyers can also hear cows mooing while fresh hay scent fills the air. The meat section gives off a strong aroma of grilled steaks with onions.

Similarly, in the egg section, buyers can hear hens cackling while also enjoying a sweet aroma of bacon and fried eggs. Lastly, the bread department gives off a great smell of freshly baked bread and pastry.

Seeing as all of the sections give off the sound and smell relating to each product, a particular buyer decided he would never buy toilet paper at the store.

A supermarket | Photo: Pexels


Enjoyed that joke? Here’s another funny one about an old man and his badly-behaved grandson who went to get groceries at a supermarket near them.

While at the store, a woman followed the old man and his grandson. The man, who clearly had a lot on his hand, kept his cool while addressing the little boy.

Throughout their time in the store, the little boy threw tantrums, but calmly, his grandfather would assure him they would leave the supermarket soon.

An old man sitting in front of a supermarket | Photo: Pexels


While checking out, the boy started throwing items out of their trolley, but rather than get angry, the old man once again reassured his grandson, whom he addressed as William.

Impressed by how well he managed to remain calm with his grandson, the woman who had been watching went outside to praise the old man for his composure.

A young boy sitting on a cardboard box in a supermarket | Photo: Pexels


She commended how he calmly reassured the little boy and noted that William was fortunate to have him as a grandfather. Hilariously, the old man said:

"Thanks. But I am William. The little bastard’s name is Kevin."

Old man and old woman having a discussion outdoor | Photo: Pexels


In another similar joke, a man named Ivan went to the supermarket with his wife, but they soon got separated, and the man became worried. He walked up to a pretty young lady and begged her to speak to him for a few minutes. 

Confused, the lady asked why she should talk to him, and Ivan responded, saying every time he loses sight of his wife at the store, she always pops up when he starts talking to another woman.