March 23, 2021

Jessica Simpson Celebrates Daughter Birdie Mae's Second Birthday — See Her Sweet Message

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Music star Jessica Simpson was all about her little daughter, Birdie Mae, in her newest media update, showing how she and her family celebrated Birdie on her second birthday. 

Jessica Simpson organized a lavish second birthday ceremony for her little daughter Birdie Mae and accompanied it with a lovely post on Instagram. Simpson did not hold back on her proud-mom feelings. 

Simpson made the post a day after Birdie's actual big day, penning a lengthy caption and an output of affection for the baby girl. The actress also showed details of how the event went.

Jessica Simpson at the 2017 Princess Grace Awards Gala kick-off event at Paramount Pictures on October 24, 2017. | Photo: Getty Images


The post included a photo of the cute celebrant owning her day like a little champ. The two-year-old looked every bit like a fashionista in her floor-length silver sequin dress.

She looked princessy sporting a crown while her parents posed with her. Birdie showed she was not a shy one as the photo was taken whilst she put out the gold candles adorning her three-tiered cake. Simpson captioned:

"Our Birdie turned two yesterday, and I can't help but share this precious birthday wish-making moment that we'll all reveled in…" 


The movie star gushed over the baby girl, describing her as beautiful, loving, cheeky, and free-spirited. Simpson, 40, went on with her pleasing adjectives penning that Birdie was the most independent. 

The 40-year-old recently signed a multimedia rights deal with Amazon Studios. 


The star mom referred to her youngest daughter as the "boss bird," who was her greatest gift. Simpson promised Birdie that she would always snuggle her and show unwavering support.

In another of her media posts, the "Employee of the Month" actress shared a photo chronicling how Birdie woke up at her big day annoying her favorite treats. The image shared presented the radiant birthday girl rocking her crown.


She had her pink strawberry glazed donut in one hand, and so did her siblings, who joined in the photo. Star mom Simpson held the little girl in her arms as they all presented warm smiles for the camera. 

Fans might have to anticipate a show centered on the award-winning star and her family. The 40-year-old recently signed a multimedia rights deal with Amazon Studios. 

The deal included scripted and unscripted content centered around her book, "Open Book." Sources shared that TV projects were already in the works. The unscripted part would be shot later in the year.