March 23, 2021

How Sugar Ray Leonard & His Wife of 27 Years Bernadette Celebrated Daughter Camille's Birthday

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Successful ex-boxing champion and devoted husband Sugar Ray Leonard and his wife took to social media, not hesitating to celebrate their daughter's birthday with the cutest captions.

Professional boxer Sugar Ray Leonard and his gorgeous wife and businesswoman Bernadette Leonard certainly love their children. They recently took to Instagram to celebrate their daughter Camille Leonard's birthday with sweet posts. 

Sugar Ray posted one picture on his account while Bernadette posted another picture on hers. Sugar Ray's appeared to be a picture of when Camille was just a baby, while Bernadette opted to post a picture of her all grown up.


Sugar Ray Leonard at the Annual SKECHERS Pier to Pier Friendship Walk Evening of Celebration and Check Presentation on March 1, 2018 in California. | Photo: Getty Images


Sugar Ray's snapshot was taken in sepia, giving it a nostalgic feeling, while his daughter on the right looks like an actual angel next to her brother Daniel Leonard on the left. Taking to the caption, the proud father wrote


"Happy birthday to my angel @camillegleonard I love you so much Camille! So proud of you ❤️??."

The comment section was set ablaze with fans and followers streaming in, leaving cake emojis and congratulating Camille on her birthday. The sweet post received approximately just over 3000 likes in total. 



Bernadette's post was more recent, with the older Camille standing with her brother, mom, and father, all looking comfortable and smiling into the lens. The proud mother's caption was quite long and heart-warming. 

He has been married to his wife Bernadette for over two decades.

In the caption, Bernadette wrote about how strong her daughter is and how proud they all are of her. She also complimented her beautiful daughter on having a good heart and, of course, wished her a very happy birthday. 



Many do not know Sugar Ray as a family man but rather as an ex-superstar boxer. Speaking about the long-term effects of  boxing, the former professional boxer had a lot to say, such as: 

"Boxing for me kept me off the streets, kept me away from drugs for as long as it could. My life has been blessed because of boxing."

Continuing, Sugar Ray expressed that boxing, what he termed as a sport for the disenfranchised, assisted him in buying his parents' home. Going on, he said that it helped him to give back to a lot of individuals. 



Not only was Sugar Ray successful in boxing, but he was also successful in marriage. In fact, he has been married to his wife Bernadette for over two decades - 27 years to be exact. 

Last year, the two celebrated their 27th anniversary and didn't hesitate to flaunt the special day online. Sugar Ray posted a video of them dancing and wrote in the caption that he is blessed to have his wife in his life. 


The lovebirds' wedding was an outrageous and gorgeous affair. The two got hitched in California in their $8 million estate covered in roses and florals, including some flowers brought in from overseas.

Sugar Ray's marriage to Bernadette is not the first, having divorced ex-wife Juanita Wilkinson via a heated dispute. However, it appears that both of them ended up happy, Wilkinson eventually marrying again to another athlete, Otis Nixon.