Colorado Grocery Store Shooting Witnesses Share Their Stories after the Harrowing Experience

Bettina Dizon
Mar 23, 2021
01:50 P.M.
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Several witnesses to the devastating Colorado shooting detailed what happened inside Boulder King Soopers: “It was truly a horrifying experience.”


America saw yet another mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado, on Monday, March 22, as an armed man began firing shots inside King Soopers grocery store.

As soon as the commotion began, staff inside the store led customers to the backdoor exit. Many have since shared their accounts, including a shopper, Andrew Hummel.


“I heard a loud bang, and then everybody kind of sprinted toward the back of the store,” he recalled. “I didn’t see anything; I could just hear, and I just ran. I just wanted to get out of there.”

As soon as the young man escaped, he contacted his parents and his roommate, Mason, who worked at King Soopers, to make sure he was safely out too.

Screenshot of Colorado shooting and cops around the scene. | Source: YouTube/ABC7


However, Mason was stuck inside, hiding in the storage room with other customers. Hummel revealed that his friend sent him a text, thanking him and saying his goodbyes if the worst happened.

The authorities have arrested a suspect who was recorded leaving the supermarket with cops.


Sarah Moonshadow, another witness, claimed she heard four gunshots before sprinting out with her 21-year-old son. She remembered the horrifying experience:

“The person that was shooting was definitely coming in our direction [...] I just looked (at my son) and just kept running. I didn’t want to see anything but his face.”


On their way out, the mother and son saw a man lying on the street. Moonshadow began running to the man to help, but her son grabbed him and said they had to go because the shooter was getting closer.

King Soopers employee Andy Arellano only had his family in mind when the chaos began, but as he ran, he began to think of his co-workers wondering and hoping that they were alive and safely out.


A father, Steven McHugh’s son-in-law, was in the scene as well, lining up for a COVID-19 vaccine when the shooter killed the woman leading the line.

Sadly, ten lives were taken during the Colorado shootout, including a brave policeman and father-of-seven, Eric Talley, who was the first responder at the scene.

The authorities have arrested a suspect who was recorded leaving the supermarket with the cops. The man was handcuffed and shirtless as he was escorted out.

Colorado has no requirements for firearm purchase or registration for handguns. Residents may access concealed carry permits from local police offices.

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