Story of the Day: Woman Argues with Younger Half-Sister after Refusing to Borrow Her a Car

Laura Beatham
Mar 27, 2021
09:20 P.M.

A woman refused to lend her car to her younger half-sister after the pair had a falling out. However, she has a good reason why.


A woman, Jesse, and her young-sister, Becca, got into a heated argument after Jesse refused to lend her car to Becca for a week.

Becca had called Jesse and asked if she could borrow her brand new car that she had just purchased herself. Jesse was confused as Becca had her own car or could use their dad's car.

A woman looks angry while talking on the phone. | Photo: Shutterstock

A woman looks angry while talking on the phone. | Photo: Shutterstock

So Jesse told her young sister no, she could not use the car. Becca got upset and continued to call and text Jesse about it. Jesse just ignored her.

Their dad, Andy, and his new wife, May, invited Jesse over for supper one evening, and an argument broke out between the sisters.


Jesse had been looking forward to the family dinner and assumed Becca had gotten over the fact that she had said no to borrowing her car. Except Becca was far from over it.

Becca confronted Jesse at the dinner table and demanded to know why she refused her. Jesse then calmly explained why she did not want to lend her car to her sister.

Firstly, Jesse revealed that she had seen Becca's social media videos, where she dances while driving, even when their young siblings are in the car with her.

Jesse said that she knew Becca was an irresponsible driver because she had witnessed firsthand her road-rage and been in the passenger seat when Becca got multiple fines.


She also knew Becca was happy to have full phone conversations and text while driving. Jesse also needed her car and saw no reason as to why Becca needed it.

Becca was angry with Jesse as she had said all of this in front of their dad, who was now looking on in disbelief. At that moment, he actually took away Becca's keys.


Although Jesse did not want her younger sister to get in trouble, she was glad she was being held responsible for her actions, and maybe now she would be more careful on the road.

Of course, Becca did not think it was fair. Was it fair that their dad took away her keys? Should Jesse have exposed Becca like that? Should she have lent her car to Becca?

In another story of the day, a woman upset her social circle when she refused to help a friend in need. Their gay friend got kicked out of the house, and the woman didn't want to take him in.

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