March 24, 2021

Lionel Richie's Much Younger Girlfriend Lisa Shows Fit Body Posing with a Huge Bouquet of Roses

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Lionel Richie's much younger girlfriend, Lisa Parigi, shows her youthfulness by flaunting her fit body posing beside a huge bouquet. Here is what she looks like.

Lisa Parigi is a successful businesswoman and model who was born in Switzerland. Her name began making headlines in 2014 when sources confirmed that she is romantically linked to iconic singer Lionel Richie.

Richie and Parigi have since continued their affair, never missing a moment to report to their online fans that they are enjoying a happily ever after romance.

Lionel Richie and Lisa Parigi at the Lionel Richie Hand and Footprint Ceremony at TCL Chinese Theatre on March 7, 2018 | Photo: Getty Images


Even with a nearly forty years age difference between the two, that does not bother them. As long as they are happy in their relationship, age is nothing but a figure.

The singer has managed to stay healthy and looks ageless even at age 71. His much younger lover, whose age is speculated to be a little over 30, is equally in the rollercoaster ride of keeping a flawless appearance.


A few moments ago, Parigi thrilled her fans to two snaps flaunting her youthfulness and trimmed figure. It was a high-class shot that showcased art at its best even though she posed sitting on the floor.

Next to Richie's lover was a huge round-shaped vase that welcomed a wealth of perfect garden blossoming picks—there were pink and white petaled flowers.


Behind her laid a backdrop of a creatively designed painting and a nice shiny-looking wall. The model showcased her stylishness by dressing up in joggers, a matching hoodie, and a pair of crispy white kicks. 

Both partners, not engaged or married, have clearly stated their intentions to keep their status that way


In one of the photos, her long, rich black hair was let down, and she whipped up a model stare amid posing with one hand on the floor and another resting gently on her body.

Although there were no visible accessories or blings paired with the appearance, her scintillating poses captured her beauty and gave up her sultry makeup look. The caption read:

"It almost feels like a Cherry Blossom Festival…#sakura."


Parigi's in-house Beverly Hills photos cupped many likes and comments from Instagram followers who agreed that the details in the photos were indeed gorgeous!

Richie's lover is never one to shy away from posting charming images of herself. Sometimes, she shares details of her and the singer's engagements via photos.


Many internet users troll the couple over their age difference, but this has not put a strain on their relationship. They have continued to wax strong and have confessed their dedication and commitment to each other. 

It has been more than five years since they started their romance, and both partners, not engaged or married, have clearly stated their intentions to keep their status that way despite their unwavering love.

Richie has been married twice in his lifetime and has two daughters, while Parigi has never exchanged marital vows. Luckily for the couple, their family—the singer's kids, love and support the relationship.