March 25, 2021

Story of the Day: Woman Does Not Want to Plan Her Wedding Menu around One Guest

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A woman has decided not to plan her wedding menu around one guest's gluten-free, vegetarian diet. She has, however, been battling guilt ever since she made the decision.

Wedding preparation can be a lot; it is therefore not uncommon that couples encounter a few problems while planning their special day. However, what happens when the problem is just one guest?

Today's story is all about Amber, who is preparing to get married to her longtime lover, Luke. However, like most couples, they are trying to create the perfect menu for their big day.

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The caterer is giving Amber and Luke two entree choices for the menu, and for that, they have decided to stick to a menu with a meat option and another with a vegetarian option for vegans.

While this seems like a good decision to their caterer, Luke and Amber face one problem: Lisa, a gluten-free vegan. The couple has met Lisa a few times during which she often brought gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan-friendly snacks for everyone.

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Troy has decided to bring Lisa as a plus one to the wedding, but this is proving to be a bit of a problem for Luke and Amber since their vegetarian menu is neither dairy-free nor gluten-free.

While Amber understands and respects Lisa's diet, she believes it is a little far-fetched to change their entire menu to suit one guest. After telling Troy what their choice of meals for the vegetarian menu was, he noted that Lisa might be upset seeing that it does not suit her diet. 


He then suggested that Luke and Amber speak to his girlfriend about what they plan to serve and gave Lisa their numbers, asking her to text either of them.

Soon enough, Lisa started texting Amber, making suggestions, and giving unsolicited alternatives on what the wedding menu could be changed to.

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While Amber understands and respects Lisa's diet, she believes it is a little far-fetched to change their entire menu to suit one guest. The only vegetarian menu caterers have given them so far includes gluten, so finding something suitable for her dietary restrictions is proving a bit difficult.

Also, Amber and Luke are very particular about their guests enjoying the menu, so changing the vegetarian menu might be contradictory. Now Amber is left with only one question. Is she doing the right thing? Or is she simply a horrible person for not wanting to change her menu?

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