March 25, 2021

Heavily Pregnant Cassie Cradles Her Belly as She Poses in Black Underwear in New Maternity Pics

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Cassie Ventura and Alex Fine are about to welcome their second baby after Frankie, with Ventura taking to Instagram, flaunting her belly, and writing a loving caption.

Singer-songwriter Cassie Ventura is one of those lucky women who glow when she is pregnant. Recently she shared maternity photos on Instagram embracing her heavily pregnant belly and posing in black underwear. 

Cassie Ventura is not afraid to flaunt her second pregnancy to the world whilst announcing how grateful she is to be a mother. With a grey backdrop, the music artist looked absolutely shimmering, flaunting her belly for the camera. 

Cassie Ventura at the "Can't Stop, Won't Stop" premiere in N.Y.| Photo: Getty Images



In one of the stunning photos, Ventura is staring directly at the camera, her dark eyes glowing with confidence as she places her left hand gracefully and lovingly on top of her belly. Taking to the caption, she wrote

"Becoming a mother has forever redefined the way that I love myself."

Continuing, she admitted that she had realized the importance of self-care when it comes to parenting as well as teaching one's children to love themselves truly. Going on, she admitted that motherhood had changed her for the better.



Cassie is placing her head elegantly to the side in the other maternity picture, showing off her long and gorgeous dark dreadlocks. Her hair fell over her shoulders, lying softly on her belly, somehow emphasizing the beauty of pregnancy. 

The artist said that she wouldn't be getting pregnant again anytime soon.

Her shirt fell directly over her baby bump, giving one an elegant view of its glowing presence. Followers and fans absolutely adored the picture leaving compliments galore combined with a number of just under 400,000 likes. 




Ventura and her husband Fine announced their second child after daughter Frankie near the end of last year. Taking to Instagram, Fine took it upon himself to leave a sweet message in the caption, writing

"Fine Family just got bigger, heart just got Fuller, light just got brighter." 

He also spoke about how lucky he was to be a father and husband. The video he posted attracted many online followers and fans who left an astounding number of around 400,000 views overall. 



Ventura and Fine's relationship officially began in 2018. Ventura officially made this clear to the public via an Instagram post with the pair of them kissing each other. 

The two love birds didn't waste any time at all, getting engaged in 2019. The two got hitched in Malibu, opting for a small and private ceremony. Their young daughter Frankie was born on December 6, 2019. 


Speaking about her latest pregnancy, Ventura expressed how excited they were to find out about it, although it was a complete surprise. She continued, saying that she is delighted that Frankie will have another sibling to play with. 

However, the artist said that she wouldn't be getting pregnant again anytime soon. She claims that her body needs a rest before she even thinks about conceiving another child.