Daily Joke: A Local Priest Is Walking down the Street

Gracious Egedegbe
Mar 25, 2021
08:50 P.M.
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A local priest once offered a helping hand to a little boy who was trying to reach a doorbell. His kind gesture left him caught up in a prank attempt.


One sunny day, a local priest decided to take a midday stroll around his small town. Off he went, humming his favorite hymn as he admired the beautiful gardens and peaceful homes.

As he neared an intersection, he saw a little boy trying unsuccessfully to reach the doorbell of a nearby house. He approached the young lad with a kind smile and offered to help out.

A portrait picture of a Parish priest. | Photo: Unsplash


After pressing the doorbell, the jolly priest asked the child if he needed help with anything else. To that, the tot responded: "Yes." Before running off and with a mischievous smirk, the little boy added:

"Run! We've only got a few seconds before they come!"


Funny, right? Read on for another interesting joke about a priest who was addicted to playing golf then called in sick to avoid hosting the mass, opting instead to hit the golf course.

A priest had a severe addiction to playing golf. However, weeks of bad weather kept him grounded for a long time and unable to get his next fix.

He woke up one Sunday morning to beautiful weather, the best the town has experienced in months. Unable to stop himself from passing off the opportunity of finally exploring his favorite sports, the priest called in sick, saying he could not make it to church.


They had someone else replace him instantly. Grateful for his luck, the clergyman gathered his golf cart and drove two hours to a golf course in another town to avoid being recognized. Excitedly, he lined up his first ball and fired off with all his might, getting his long-desired relief.

Meanwhile, God and St. Peter were watching the irresponsible priest from heaven, disappointed by his waywardness. Just as the ball ripped, God waved his hand once, causing the ball to fly all the way to the green. The ball then bounced once and staggered straight into the hole.


The priest could hardly contain his excitement over what he just performed. Curious, St. Peter looked at God and asked: "Why did you do that? Why didn't you punish him?" With a smile, God responded:

"I did punish him! Who is he going to tell?"

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