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March 31, 2021

Shereé Whitfield's Three Kids Are All Grown-up — inside the Former RHOA Star's Family Life

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"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Shereé Whitfield is the proud mother of three children: daughters Tierra Fuller and Kaleigh Whitfield, and son Kairo Whitfield.

It's hard to believe that vivacious and charming Shereé Whitfield is 51 years old and the mother of three adult children. The "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star welcomed her two youngest children with ex-husband NFL player Bob Whitfield.

Shereé's daughter Tierra Fuller, the oldest, was born from a former relationship when the reality star was just 14. Shereé has been through some harrowing experiences in her life, some of which she kept from her children until they were grown.


Sheree Whitfield at the 2008 Summer Television Critics Association Press Tour in Beverly Hills, California | Source: Getty Images


The three children knew that Shereé had divorced Bob in 2007, a seven-year marriage that she now revealed had been beset by acts of domestic violence on the NFL player's part. Bob commented on the issue, as per Essence:


“She fell asleep, and I was like, ‘Yeah, it’d be easy for me to take the seatbelt off of you and hit the breaks.’ So she can fly her [expletive] through the window."

Sheree' Whitfield at an event for her book "Wives, Fiancees and Side-Chicks of Hotlanta" in 2017 in Washington, D.C. | Source: Getty Images



On one occasion, Shereé recalled, Bob had assaulted her and then asked her if she could still breathe. When Shereé responded that she could, Bob told her, "maybe I didn’t choke you hard enough.”

The revelation only came 10 years after the divorce, and  Shereé confessed that she'd hidden the abuse from her children so as not to taint their relationship with their father. Bob has since emphatically denied physically assaulting Shereé.

Shereé has been in a long-term romantic relationship with convicted commodities trader Tyrone Gilliams.



Shereé has now dedicated herself to help other victims of domestic abuse and is an ambassador for the National Coalition of Domestic Violence. She has spoken her truth to women:

“You need to know that nobody deserves to be mistreated. You know, sometimes girls are thinking, ‘He hit me, he loves me.’ That’s not true."


Kaleigh Whitfield revealed that her father had attempted to talk to her about her mother's allegations of abuse after her public revelation. Kaleigh's reaction was to walk away. Both of the Whitfield children support their mom.

Kaileigh, 22, is at Howard college, and Kairo, 25, is working towards a career in music. Shereé enjoys the unconditional love and support of her three children, who call their mom "a superwoman." Tierra is now 37, a beautiful independent woman.



Shereé has been in a long-term romantic relationship with convicted commodities trader Tyrone Gilliams. Gilliams was condemned to 10 years in prison for wire fraud in 2013. Shereé and Gilliams were dating, and the reality star visited him frequently in prison.

Gilliams was released from prison in February 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and since then, the couple has been quietly dating again. Shereé had confessed to Andy Cohen that she would marry Gilliams since he is a man she trusts.


Hopefully, Gilliams will be keeping to the straight and narrow from now on. Shereé confessed that their relationship had been conducted through love letters, which gave them an opportunity to get to know each other on a deeper level.

Shereé revealed that all her previous relationships had been heavily influenced by the physical connection, making the slow building of intimacy with Gilliams a new experience for the reality star.

The reality star has tried her hand at writing with some success with the book "Wives, Fiancées, and Side-Chicks of Hotlanta" and launched a clothing line in 2018. With love back in her life, it looks like life is rosy for Shereé Whitfield.


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