March 30, 2021

Story of the Day: Woman Doesn't Want Sister & Her Newborn Baby to Live with Her

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A popular adage goes, "Blood is thicker than water." But any relationship - including sisterhood - has its boundaries. This is precisely demonstrated in this story.

Marjorie is a loving sister to her younger sister Janice. She has always supported her during tough times. In the past three years, Marjorie has provided Janice with several thousands of dollars.

Janice has been cash-strapped since marrying her husband three years ago. Especially so when she gave birth to their first baby last month. Marjorie has lost track of how much Janice owed her.

A woman hugging her sister. | Photo: Pixabay


Marjorie does not mind lending her sister money as long as she has extra cash. But her generosity was tested when Janice made a different request two days ago. 

Her younger sister phoned her crying about the fact that she, her husband, and their baby were living in a cramped apartment. She said that it was an uncomfortable place but that they could not afford a better one.

A table full of dollars. | Photo: Pixabay


Janice also complained about how unromantic her husband was. Marjorie knew in the back of her mind what Janice was going to ask this time, so she was prepared to refuse it.

Thoughts of her sister and her newborn living with her have filled Marjorie with dread.

Her hunch turned out to be correct. Janice begged Marjorie to let her and her baby stay at her house while her husband finds a better job that will allow him to afford a more comfortable apartment. 


Janice and her husband had agreed that he would stay at his parents' house for the time being while she would live at her sister's house.

Marjorie was taken aback. She lives by herself and although she has a boyfriend, they have not discussed living together yet. She'd rather not live in the same house with him any time soon. She values her solitude too much to want a housemate. 


Thoughts of her sister and her newborn living with her have filled Marjorie with dread. She could already visualize the sleepless nights because of the baby's cries. She quickly rejected her sister's plea. 

At that moment, Janice became even more melodramatic, telling her sister that she has always been luckier. Later, she called Marjorie heartless before immediately cutting the call off.

A crying woman. | Photo: Pixabay


Marjorie felt guilty for not helping her sister this time, but she also felt justified. She couldn't be her sister's savior all the time. As a person, Marjorie believes she is entitled to personal boundaries.

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