March 31, 2021

Safaree & Erica Mena Show Expensive Pendant with Their Daughter Safire's Image — See His Chain

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Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena recently stunned their fans on social media with images of the expensive pendant done in their daughter's likeness— see the details. 

Safaree Samuels recently flaunted his wealth on Instagram when he shared images of one of his latest jewelry acquisitions. The jewelry was a pendant done in the likeness of his daughter Safire. 

The pendant was inspired by a picture of Safire which her father gave to the designer, a man who identified as her godfather in one of the videos he shared via his page.

Erica Mena & Safaree Samuels attend MCM x Super Bowl LIII in Georgia on February 2, 2019. | Source: Getty Images


Hyperrealism was employed in creating the pendant, and the likeness between the finished product and the picture itself is quite uncanny. 

The pendant was studded with precious stones, and it was attached to a very long neck chain also studded all over with different colored diamonds that winked in the light. 


The Jamaican-American praised the designer in his caption as he gushed over the exquisite piece. He wrote, "I ordered, and he delivered! I am at a loss for words @traxnyc! This is my favorite piece of anything I've ever seen or owned!"

He went on further, using words like "greatness," "prestige," and "perfection" to describe the piece, but he was not the only one enamored by the piece of art. 

Her husband [Samuels] previously confessed that getting married was a mistake


His wife, Erica Mena, was also blown away by the jewelry. She took to her Instagram page to post a couple of videos showcasing the pendant and neck chain. 

In her caption, Mena gushed over the detailed work and cracked down on trolls who thought the extravagance shown towards her child was unnecessary or uncalled for. 


Her fans were all for the smoke, and they defended her opinion even if they did not understand why the reality TV star was defending a man she had tagged "vain," "selfish," and "inconsiderate."

Apparently, her husband previously confessed that getting married was a mistake, and she had retorted by revealing how selfish he was, even towards his daughter. 


Her fans wonder if her defending him means they are fine again or if Mena is just very particular about being the only person with a right to dish out insults to the rapper. 

Samuels and Mena welcomed Safire in February 2020. She is the rapper's first child but Mena's second— she is also mother to a teenage son called King from her previous relationship with Raul Conde.


A day after Safire arrived, Samuels announced the exciting news on Instagram. However, he avoided mentioning her name and only shared a photo of her hand wrapped around his finger. 

Mena posted the first picture that showcased their newborn's face nine months after her birth. The little tot clocked one on February 4, and both parents celebrated the day with her. 

They spruced up their living area with lots of balloons and decorations, and videos that documented the eventful day surfaced on social media. Fans of the two hope they can work things out if for no one else but their child.