April 01, 2021

DeVon Franklin's Wife Meagan Good Shows Deep Cleavage & Major Leg Posing in a Red Slit Dress

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DeVon Franklin's wife Meagan Good recently took to social media to show off some skin with a picture that captured her wearing a stunning red number— details here. 

Meagan Good turned many virtual heads recently after she took to her Instagram page with a photo of herself posing in a sexy red dress. The outfit had a thigh-high slit in one leg, and it sported a plunging neckline that revealed cleavage. 

Meagan complemented the ensemble with a white turban and fancy body jewelry, including a chain and a wristband. She captioned the post, "Dear younger self, loving yourself will become your superpower. I LOVE YOU."


Meagan Good at the Official Luda Day Party in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2019. | Photo: Getty Images

It's not hard to see why the famous actress loves herself; she is absolutely gorgeous, and all her fans think so. The comment section was full of users who wanted her to know just how attractive she was. One fan wrote,


"Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Gorgeous Elegant and Sweet Nice Legs Meagan good." 


Meagan is an actress who got her start in acting at a very tender age. She was a child star, and when she got older, she made the transition into an adult actress. 

While she does, she keeps fit, exercising to make sure her body can sustain a life and birth one.


She is currently married to film producer DeVon Franklin. They started dating in 2011 after she met him on the set of a movie, and the following year, in June, the two were married. 

Meagan believes God himself preordained her marriage to DeVon. Before meeting DeVon, she had been in an unhappy relationship which ended after she returned home from filming a movie. 


She told Tamron Hall that God gave her three signs; one was for her to end her not-so-great relationship; the second urged her to be celibate, and the third anointed DeVon as her husband. 

The two made headlines back then for choosing to be celibate all through their dating stage, which lasted for a total of 13 months. They have no children yet; however, in 2019, the pair revealed their willingness to begin a family.

However, Meagan is content on waiting for the right time. While she does, she keeps fit, exercising to make sure her body can sustain a life and birth one.

Fans can't wait to meet their child when they are ready and decide to give birth. There is no doubt that the two lovebirds will make great parents.