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Royal Family TV Shows You May like If 'The Crown' Is One of Your Favorites

Manuela Cardiga
Apr 03, 2021
05:55 A.M.
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Throughout history, nothing has ever been quite as fascinating as the scandals and goings-on of Royals, as a series of hit TV series seems to prove.


Democracy may be what the people aspire to, but nothing pleases TV audiences quite as much as a juicy serving of monarchic mischief. From the marital shenanigans of Henry XVIII to the excesses of Louis XIV fans love it all.

On an all-time high is the Netflix series, "The Crown," now showing the fourth season, and with the fifth ready to start filming in June 2021. Until season 5 premieres, there are plenty of excellent series about kings and queens and schemes to keep fans busy.

 'The Crown,' a Netflix series, debuted in November 2016 | Source: Getty Images

'The Crown,' a Netflix series, debuted in November 2016 | Source: Getty Images



For newbies to the genre and die-hard fans of the British Royal family, "The Crown" is a must-watch. The hit Netflix series follows the life of sovereign Queen Elizabeth II from her ascension to the present day.

One of the longest-reigning monarchs in history, Elizabeth's story is also a history of an era, and as a bonus, it offers a delicious insight into the scandals and troubles of favorite Royals like Princess Diana and Prince Harry.

For sheer voluptuous delight and visual virtuosity, nothing beats CANAL+'s "Versailles."



One of the most captivating Royal scandals of all time is the story of Henry VIII and his six unfortunate wives: two of which he abandoned, another two lost their heads -- literally -- and another died in childbirth.

The series "The Tudor" is highly recommended as a binge-watch. Starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Henry VIII, Henry Cavill as his BFF, and "GOT'S" Natalie Dormer as Ann Boleyn, the show is opulent and deliciously gritty, although not always historically accurate.



Before Elizabeth, there was "Victoria." The ITV series which started in 2016, focuses on the life of Queen Victoria, the first British monarch of the modern age who was crowned at 18, and her romance with Prince Albert.

The hugely popular series is now in its third season, with fans eagerly awaiting the announcement of a fourth. Starring Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria and Tom Hughes as Albert, the show offers a painstaking reconstruction of the 19th century and all its contradictions.



Less historically accurate but visually gorgeous is "Reign," the retelling of the ill-fated life and times of the iconic Mary Queen of Scotts and the extraordinary life that led her to the headman's block on the orders of the last Tudor, Queen Elizabeth I.

The CW series follows the young Mary, played by Adélaide Kane, from her time as Queen of France to her return to Scotland, and the tragedy that followed. With a more "teen adventure" feel, "Reign" is still exciting, and is well worth watching.



Netflix's "The Windsors" is a fun and irreverent comedy version of "The Crown," focused on current events within the British Royal family and reimagines the characters of the family in extreme but hilarious ways.

For example, Kate Middleton -- played by Louise Ford -- is from a family of gypsies, Camilla is a cunning plotter with her eye on the crown, Prince Harry is dumb but devoted to his Meghan, while Pippa Middleton is determined to break them up...



Hulu's first season of its new historical epic "The Great," starring Elle Fanning as the iconic Russian empress Catherine was a success and a new season is in the works. No surprise since the script is by Tony McNamara who wrote "The Favorite."

The series is a highly fictionalized version of Catherine's rise to power from consort to absolute monarch in the crude court of her eccentric husband Czar Peter. Mixing a modern POV with historical facts makes for captivating entertainment.



The HBO miniseries "Catherine the Great" tackles the same theme as "The Great" but with a completely different "flavor." Heading the cast is Royal veteran Dame Helen Mirren, who has already won an Oscar for playing Queen Elizabeth.

The series follows the life of Catherine after her power-grab to her death, her determination to modernize Russia and make it into a world power, and her famous love affairs.



The tragic end of the Romanov dynasty and the fall of the Russian empire is fodder for Netflix's riveting docu-drama "The Last Czars." Hollywood would have trouble coming up with a script more fantastic than the real-life events that plagued the Romanovs.

The Czar is well-meaning but incapable of ruling, his only son is a hemophiliac, and his Empress falls under the power of Rasputin, a raving mystic known for holding orgies. The series makes the Romanovs very human, and their fall is heartbreaking.



For sheer voluptuous delight and visual virtuosity, nothing beats CANAL+'s "Versailles" as it tells the story of the young Louis XIV's struggle to wrestle absolute power from his ministers and his nobles.

In order to subjugate his aristocracy, the future Sun King builds Versailles, the greatest palace in the world to house France's nobles with the help of his fickle gay brother Philip, and his mistresses.

War, love, religion, and power are a heady brew, all served up against the fantastic background of Versailles and the intrigue of the corrupt and morally bankrupt court that would lead to another revolution...

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