April 01, 2021

Tom Hanks' Son Chet Shows Bloodied Face as He Accuses Ex Kiana of Attacking Him with a Knife

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Chet Hanks is mostly known for being Tom Hanks's son, although it is claimed that his father had no hand in his success in Hollywood. Recently, he got into a legal battle with his ex-girlfriend, claiming she attacked him. 

Son to Tom Hanks and ex-rapper Chet Hanks recently got into an illicit battle with his ex-girlfriend Kiana Parker about a video. He alleges that the clip clearly shows her violently attacking him with a knife, although Parker claims a different story. 

The clip which has been making the rounds online recorded the final moments of a confrontation between the two. It seems that Parker was swinging an object at Hanks, with the latter alleging in the end that Parker charged at him with a knife. 


Tom Hanks at at the BAFTA Brits on July 9, 2011 in L.A | Photo: Getty Images


Parker, however, claims that the video was misleading. She alleges that Hanks was the antagonist in the confrontation and she was acting in self-defense, but Hanks' lawyer challenged this statement, stating


"It is all on video and the undisputed video tells the whole story. Her claims are completely false, fabricated and fictional."

This is not the first time a similar incident has occurred with Parker filing a previous lawsuit. She claimed that there were many instances in Hanks' past where he acted violently towards her which led her to file a temporary restraining order. 



Parker expanded on these claims, speaking about one occasion where the two ex-lovers visited New Orleans. She alleged that Hanks reacted angrily when she told him that she would get something to eat and had to leave the hotel room. 

[Hanks] has also stirred up controversy in the past for using derogatory language on many occasions.

As a result, Parker claimed that Hanks turned to violent measures to prevent her from leaving the room. Hanks has denied these claims, stating that he is unaware of any so-called restraining order laid against him. 




Hanks' life is not all drama. In fact, the birth of his baby girl Michaiah apparently helped him lessen the amount of toxicity in his life, with the aspiring rapper claiming that she helped him turn over a new leaf, stating

"If my daughter wasn't born, I don't know if I would've made the change necessary."

He added that his child pretty much saved his entire life and that he could finally take on his addictive patterns head to head due to his deep love for Michaiah. 



Of course, as a loving father, Hanks loves to spend quality time with his daughter. Near the end of last year, he shared some cute clips of him and Michaiah having some daughter-daddy time. His adorable daughter sat on his shoulders as they spoke to one another.

Hanks has also expanded on how his daughter has helped him with addiction, claiming he wants to take it further and fight the drug epidemic.


Hanks' history with drug usage has landed him in some greatly precarious situations. In 2015, he completely trashed a hotel room while high. As a result, the British police were determined to catch him, but it appears they never did. 

He has also stirred up controversy in the past for using derogatory language on many occasions, once on an Instagram video. He has since appeared to have blamed his past drug addiction for the usage of offensive language.


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