April 01, 2021

'Claws' Star Niecy Nash Admits Wife Jessica Betts Is the First Woman She Has Ever Been With

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Comedian, actress, and host Niecy Nash took to Instagram last year, announcing that she got married to Jessica Betts. This relationship didn't only come as a shock to the public but took Nash aback as well. 

Speaking with Willow Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Jada's mom Adrienne Banfield-Norris, "Claws" star Niecy Nash revealed something about her relationship with Jessica Betts. She said that Betts is the first woman she has ever been with.

Nash's first marriage was to Pastor John Nash.  Following their divorce, she got hitched to Jay Tucker, but that ended up in divorce too, leading Nash to eventually marry her current wife Betts, an unexpected turn in her life. 


Niecy Nash at HBO's official 2015 Emmy after-party on September 20, 2015 in California. | Photo: Getty Images


Gushing about Betts, Nash said that when she initially met her current wife, she found her to be the gorgeous spirit she had come across during her lifetime. Carrying on, the talented actress said


"I've never dated a woman in my life."

She spoke about how she used to care what people think, having been socialized as a woman to put others first all the time. She admitted that isn't completely gone but that she can deal with it better as she has met her soulmate.



Continuing her commentary on her relationship, Nash said that it had nothing to do with her not being open about her sexuality during her life. Rather, she stated, she just feels love towards whoever she is loving in that part of her life. 

Betts works in the music industry, having partnered with Boyz II Men at a very young age.

She also claimed that she had never felt as seen as she does in her relationship with Betts. However, she carried on, many people seemed to think she had become another person because of her new relationship, which she finds absurd.




Jada complimented Nash on her courage and said that she is completely supportive of any individual who lives life as authentically as they can. In her own words, the actress expressed

"I'm always ready to applaud someone who is willing to live their life in [expletive] truth, no matter what people have to say about it."

Nash spoke about her family's reactions, saying that her children already liked Betts before they began officially dating. She said her mother was not the same, holding fears about what others may think of Nash. 



Last year, Nash revealed her marriage to Betts via an Instagram post. Their union became official after ending her marriage to Tucker, just eight months before, leaving followers and fans in awe. 

The post consisted of a snapshot of them at their wedding ceremony. They were both dressed head to toe in white, with huge smiles while holding each other's hands. 

Betts works in the music industry, having partnered with Boyz II Men at a very young age. Her music can also be found in various films, including "Simply Irresistible" and "Big Momma’s House."

Betts was also the winner of "Road to Stardom" in 2005. This was a music competition series with the likes of famous judges such as the acclaimed singer Madonna and rapper Missy Elliot.