April Fool's Day — 5 Best Prank Ideas to Try on Family and Friends This Year

Gaone Pule
Apr 01, 2021
01:30 P.M.
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Good Housekeeping shared some of the best ideas for pranks for April Fool’s Day and compiled a list of more than five of them to try on family members and friends.


It’s that time of the year again when you get a chance to pull pranks on everyone you know. If you have been thinking long and hard about good tricks to pull this year, Good Housekeeping has you covered.

The outlet listed some G-rated April Fool’s pranks for kids and some naughtier April Fool’s for boyfriends. For a Balloon Room prank, one needs to locate a windowed door that the target will see from the outside.

April Fool's Day celebration | Source: Pixabay



Blow up a collection of balloons and cluster them together. Attach them to the inside of the window so that the whole room is filled to the brim with balloons when you are outside looking in.

In terms of gadgets in the house, you can opt for the Uncontrollable Remote prank, which takes the "control" out of remote control: Use a little sticker or tape to cover the clicker's sensor.

When they try hard to use the remote, they will not be able to make the TV channels budge … even with new batteries. If you need to scare someone, you can try the Scary Silhouettes prank.


April Fool's Day background | Source: Pixabay

All you need is a few strategically placed fake insects or even cut them out with paper. Stick them to the side of the lamp, and when your target flips the switch, they will be in for a surprise.


They will discover some suspicious silhouettes inside the shade. For a Fan Fun prank, you need to carefully place confetti atop the blades of a ceiling fan, tucking them all out of view from below.

According to the outlet, when someone flips the switch to turn on the fan, confetti will blanket the room like it’s December 31 instead of April 1.

April Fool's Day prank | Source: Pixabay



According to BBC, April Fool’s has been celebrated in the United Kingdom since the beginning of the 19th century, but there are various theories and explanations about where it originally came from.

According to historians, they believe it is connected to poetry. An early English poet Geoffrey Chaucer from the 14th century, told a story – where a fox played a prank on a rooster – was the first reference to tricks taking place on April 1.

Happy April Fool's Day | Source: Pixabay



According to Business Insider, Google planned on canceling its famous April Fool's Day pranks for the 2nd year in a row, and it cited the COVID-19 pandemic. The outlet further revealed that the company would “pause the jokes” in light of the hardship and disruption caused by it over the years.

Google’s vice president of global marketing, Marvin Chow, emphasized that with the world grappling with serious challenges, the company would continue to find appropriate ways to bring moments of joy to users throughout the year.

April Fool's Joke Day | Source: Pixabay



On the other hand, Vulture's opinion piece suggested it is time to make April Fool's Day the Halloween of comedy. According to the outlet, they can shift the event from pranks and hoaxes to a day of jokes and comedy.

The piece further suggested that it is a kids’ thing because children are good at telling jokes. Other ideas incorporated may include dressing up in costumes like Groucho. Lastly, we can use the day to watch hard comedies with prominent characters and even bigger jokes.