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Story of the Day: Why a Woman Refused to Look after Her Husband's Children

Joe Akins
Apr 06, 2021
02:00 A.M.
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A woman and her husband found themselves in a heated argument after the husband neglected his two younger children, her stepkids, to spend time with only his oldest.


A 25-year-old woman and her 45-year-old husband have been together for a couple of years and married for four out of those years. The young woman came into the country as an immigrant.

She later tied the knot with her husband, a citizen, and as such, never left the country. The woman's husband had been married before they met, and with this former wife, he shared three children — two sons and a daughter.

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While the woman's relationship with her husband's children started off on a warm note and remained so in the years after. However, the rest of this family did not like her and their marriage.

Her husband's family was convinced that she did not really love him, and they had even more reason to believe so, considering their age gap and her being a foreigner.

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Recently, his oldest son decided, out of nowhere, that he does not want to see her anymore. Before that, she and the young boy had a good relationship, but she suspected that her in-laws had something to do with his sudden change of heart.

Her husband resolved that it would be better off seeing one of his sons at his parents' house while she would stay at their home with his two other kids. Although she disliked the new rearrangement, the 25-year-old was happy that her husband's family would get to see his son.

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Every weekend, the father of three would have custody of his children. While he spent time with his oldest, his wife would stay at home with the younger two. This soon became a recurring habit.

He stopped coming back home altogether during the weekends, meaning that he never got to see his younger son and daughter. This worried the young stepmother, and she soon decided to confront him about it.

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After he asked that she not make a big deal out of the issue, the woman's husband denied abandoning his two younger kids and told her how important it is to spend time with his oldest son.

The worried wife let it slide only for her husband to return days after, telling her that he plans to stay at his parent's house for much longer than before every weekend.

Resigned to the reality that her husband wouldn't change, the woman agreed but told him that he should not expect her to play nanny to his younger children all weekend.

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This made her husband very angry as he said that it was her duty as his wife to support and help him. He became very angry and called her selfish. Although the woman understood that he needed to bond with his son, she also knew his other kids needed him too.

This did not sit well with him, and they soon fell into a heated disagreement. Despite being sure that she was doing the right thing, the woman wondered if she was wrong.