April 02, 2021

Daily Joke: A Blonde Flies an Airplane Whose Pilot Suddenly Dies

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A blonde woman was frantic after the pilot flying the plane died from a heart attack. Although she contacted someone for help, it did not go so well.

A young blonde model was en route to New York City, flying with only one pilot in a two-seater aircraft. As they took off, the woman sat quietly and began taking photos of the view from above and herself.

After a few minutes, the pilot informed the blonde of a few standard procedures and reminders, including how to use the radio to contact anyone for help in case of an emergency. Simple as may be, all she had to do was talk on the mic to get in touch with anyone.


After half an hour of flying, the pilot suddenly held his chest, suffered a heart attack, and died. The blonde frantically grabbed the mic and repeatedly cried for help, saying that the pilot had a heart attack and died.

With tears forming in her eyes, she pleaded for someone to help as she did not know how to fly a plane. Suddenly, someone responded over the radio and told her to calm down for a while.


“This is the tower,” the man said. “I have received your message, and I will walk you through it. I’ve had a lot of experience with this kind of problem. Now just relax, and everything will be fine.”

The man told the woman that he would be giving her clear instructions. He then asked her what her exact height and position were for further orders. The blonde replied, “I’m 5’4, and I’m in the front seat.”


After a short pause, the man replied, “Okay, repeat after me: Our Father… Who art in heaven…”. Another blonde boarded a different plane bound for Canada. As she had never ridden a plane before, the blonde was very excited.

After finding her seat at the Boeing747, she began jumping from seat to seat while shouting, “BOEING!!! BOEING!!! BOEING!!! BO…” repeatedly. As she drew attention, everyone started looking at the blonde.


The noise was getting out of hand that the pilot in the cockpit himself heard the lady’s repetitive words. Annoyed, the pilot went out of the cockpit, into the aisle, and angrily shouted, “Be silent!”

Suddenly everyone was dead silent while looking at the blonde. She stared blankly at the pilot for a while, focused on his face, and suddenly started shouting, “OEING! OEING! OEING!”

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