Young Mother of Two Toddlers Shot Dead in Front of Her Kids – Details of the Tragic Case

Busayo Ogunjimi
Apr 02, 2021
11:10 P.M.

A young mom, K'Mia Simmons, was riding in a car with her kids when a gunman opened fire. To protect her kids, Simmons jumped in front of them even though it meant she would pay the ultimate price.


K'Mia Simmons, a young Florida mother, lost her life on Tuesday night as she was shot to death while riding in a car in St. Petersburg with her 1-year-old baby in her arms and her 2-year-old daughter in the backseat.

Authorities revealed that her 2-year-old daughter barely missed getting shot after her car seat got hit by a bullet. The incident was said to have occurred at 2216 18th Ave. South in St. Petersburg.

Photo of "do not enter crime scene" tape | Photo: Pexels

Photo of "do not enter crime scene" tape | Photo: Pexels


The 21-year-old young mom was confirmed to have been seated at the passenger's seat of a dark-colored Volvo, which was driven by a man before an attacker from another vehicle fired at them.

In a press conference, police authorities revealed that Simmons was the only casualty from the sad incident. Her bravery was the price she paid to keep her children safe.


Police sources confirmed that the young mom of two was not the target of the shooting, although she ended up the victim. Simmons was taken to the hospital shortly after the incident, and she breathed her last shortly after.

The police, in a statement, have asked the public and anyone with valuable information to come forward with a reward of $ 5000 up for grabs.

The duo were said to be celebrating their wedding anniversary.


It is believed that the gunman was after the driver of the Volvo but accidentally hit the mother of two. Family members revered that the driver is the father of one of Simmon's children.

The police have reportedly asked the driver to come forward. The driver is said to have left Simmons in the car shortly after she was shot and fled the scene with her children, who he later dropped with family members.


Simmons' mother, community leader Linda Simmons, during a press conference, asked for support and help in finding the killer of their daughter and bringing him to justice.

Linda remarked that she was saddened by her daughter's death, revealing that the late 21-year-old was going to college to become a nurse but had dreams of one day becoming a gynecologist.

More people have voiced their concern over the alarming rate of gun violence in recent weeks. The story of a mother of six killed in a road shooting in North Carolina left many sad.

Julie Eberly, 47, from Pennsylvania, reportedly died from gunshot wounds after she was shot while in a vehicle with her husband. The duo was said to be celebrating their wedding anniversary.

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