April 06, 2021

Story of the Day: Woman Refuses to Pay for Her Husband's Meal at a Restaurant

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Jane and Mark have been married for less than a year and already have financial problems and arguments in their relationship. 

After eight months of being husband and wife, Jane began to know more about her spouse's spending habits. Ironically, despite being a financial advisor, Mark has little control when it comes to purchasing for himself.

He often lives like it is his last day and spends like there's no tomorrow, which is ultimately alarming because of emergencies. To help her husband, Jane suggested they have a joint account, to which he agreed.


Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned for Jane as her husband saw the account as an opportunity to buy more stuff without informing his wife. According to Mark, his money is in the account; therefore, he can spend it on what he wants.

After having a serious talk as husband and wife, Mark admitted that the joint account wasn't doing him any good. In fact, it was making his spending habits worse and fueling his notion to spend money like it's his last day.


The couple then decided to let go of their joint account and spend funds individually, such as paying for everything equally. Everything went well for a while until the pair celebrated their first anniversary.

Mark agreed but claimed he was not going to pay for services since it was Jane's idea.


Jane reserved a special dinner for them in a rooftop restaurant, assuming that they will also split the bill. As they dined, Mark ordered beyond their stomach capacity and chose some of the most expensive dishes.

When they were through, Jane asked for separate bills, which left Mark confused. As soon as the waiter left, Mark asked his wife why she opted for two bills. Jane then noted that they agreed to pay for everything equally because of their different spending habits.


Appalled and upset, Mark admitted that he had already spent his cash on the days prior, thinking Jane would pay for their dinner. After a heated exchange, Jane paid for her share and left the restaurant.

Their argument carried over to their home as Mark called his wife selfish and childish. To resolve the conflict, Jane suggested they go through couples therapy and seek the help of an independent financial advisor.


Mark agreed but claimed he was not going to pay for services since it was Jane's idea. The pair are still giving each other the cold shoulder over what could be a problem that will destroy their marriage.

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