April 07, 2021

Mother of Tyler Perry's Son Gelila Shows Her Slender Shoulders & Cleavage in an Olive Silk Dress

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Gelila Bekele, Tyler Perry's former lover and mother to his son, looks captivating as she donned an olive silk dress, leaving her slender shoulders and cleavage on display.

Activist, philanthropist, filmmaker, and model Gelila Bekele can effortlessly add serving body goals to her list of talents and impressive resume.

Despite giving birth to her only child Aman in 2014, she still looks trimmed and has maintained her model physique. Of recent, she has been engaging in a series of photoshoots, with each showing her in an enviable model element.

Gelila Bekele at the 6th Annual Charity, 69th Regiment Armory in 2011 | Photo: Getty Images


A few hours ago, Bekele treated fans to a sexy snap. It featured her dressed in a tiny-sleeved olive green dress. The model's elbow downwards was shielded in a denim jacket, however, her slender shoulders were left bare for all to see in the image.

The mother-of-one added a raunchy pose and a deep-eyed stare to the look, leaving her naturally made-up face and full, bouncy curls on display. It was a post on her Instagram stories, so it was impossible to ascertain the number of likes or comments.


The multifaceted entertainer Tyler Perry is also a huge fan of his ex. Even after their relationship hit rock bottom, he manages to spill heart-melting compliments concerning her personality.

 Even though the first-time parents never got married, they teamed up to make their firstborn a priority.


Although he mentioned that at this point, it is nearly impossible to start over after spending more than a decade with his former lover, Perry concluded that he would concentrate on being an excellent parent to their only child.

Lovers of the entertainer would recall that their son's birth was sweetly celebrated in 2014. Even though the first-time parents never got married, they teamed up to make their firstborn a priority.

A snap of Gelila Bekele as she poses for a selfie | Photo: Instagram/gelila.bekele


Becoming a father made Perry see things differently. He adjusted his schedule and made it a duty to spend time with Aman. During interviews, the father-of-one often gushed about his little boy.

While maintaining that parenting comes with a lot of responsibilities, he also asserted that he would not trade the position for anything in the world!

Now that Bekele and her son's father have separated, the actor convincingly expressed that this will not affect their love or concerns for Aman, as they remain united in parenting him.