April 08, 2021

Daily Joke: Woman Appears to Be Alive during Her Funeral

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A woman in her late 50s passed away and had a funeral service held. However, she appeared to be alive and well as they carried the coffin.

Today’s jokes all took place during different funerals, in what was supposed to have solemn atmospheres. Although for those in attendance, the event became a source of comedy and laughter.

Funerals are one of the saddest events one can attend as it means losing a beloved family member or friend. However, a woman’s internment seemed to have shocked the guests instead.


The woman was in her late 50s when she reportedly passed away. A funeral service was held for her remains immediately after her death. While the pallbearers carried her casket, they accidentally hit a wall.

Surprised, they heard a faint sound coming from the casket, and upon opening it, they found the woman was actually still alive. They helped her out, and she lived for another decade before expiring.


Another funeral was held for the woman, and as the service ended, the pallbearers had to carry the casket out again. While they were walking, the woman’s husband said out loud, “Watch out for the wall!”

A man visited another funeral home after hearing about his lawyer’s passing. The man was a relatively new client of the attorney and did not have his pending case finished before the lawyer’s death.


When he parked at the funeral home, he noticed that there were many cars nearby. The man then walked towards the assigned room and saw that it seemed to be full from the outside.

As he entered the room, he was surprised to see many people in attendance. He first walked around to see familiar faces but found none. Finally, he turned to the people there and asked why they were all at the attorney’s funeral.


One guest looked at him and said that they were all clients of the attorney. “And you ALL came to pay your respects? How touching,” the man said. Everyone then turned towards him and said, “No, we came to make sure he was dead.”

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