April 08, 2021

Story Of the Day: Woman Puts One-Way Mirror Windows Facing Neighbor's Home, Which Causes Issues

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Jennifer recently got into a heated argument with her neighbors after she furnished her bedroom and lounge with undeniably ugly one-way mirror windows facing their home. However, she feels justified for her actions.

In today's story of the day, desperate times called for desperate measures for Jennifer, a single woman, renting an apartment alone in the pleasant family suburb of Long Grove, Chicago. 

The 26-year-old fell in love with the apartment, which was located on the ground floor of a double-story home, because of the floor-to-ceiling windows which allowed sunlight and warmth into her spacious lounge and adjacent bedroom.


Photo of woman sitting on the floor of her apartment while working on a laptop. | Source: Pexels/Vlada Karpovich

Since Jennifer moved in during winter, she had not fully experienced the beauty of her wall of windows. However, as the weather became warmer, she took full advantage of the feature and left her curtains open to allow light into the house.


Besides the soothing natural light, Jennifer's plants blossomed with all the extra light, giving her even more reason to keep the curtains open. The situation was perfect until she noticed a mysterious figure staring from the yard one day.


Jennifer's neighbor's house faced hers so they could see directly into her apartment. At first, she thought it was a coincidence when she caught her neighbor's husband watching her from the second floor of their house. 

She was mortified when she realized she had spent the morning in tank top and underwear, not knowing the neighbors could see. After she changed, she looked out again and caught the middle-aged man staring again.


Jennifer tried to brush it off, but she felt uncomfortable and decided to record his behavior. For several weeks, she would catch him watching her from different areas in his home, and when she would look back, he would quickly turn away.

For some time, she opted to keep her blinds closed during the day, but she soon realized that her plants were suffering and her apartment felt darker and miserable without the sunlight coming in. So, she thought of an even better plan.


Over the course of one weekend, Jennifer bought and installed new windows into the apartment, which reflected light like a mirror, so while she enjoyed the sunlight in her apartment, nothing could be seen from outside.

The downside is that the new windows were hideous, but at least she finally had peace of mind. The creepy neighbor and his wife didn't seem to like the recent renovations and confronted her about it.


The neighbors argued that the tinted windows were an eyesore and reflected too much sunlight on their yard. When they asked Jennifer to remove them, she simply told them she needed them to keep the husband from watching her.

The man vehemently denied staring into Jennifer's apartment, so she brought out her phone and showed the couple several pictures she had taken of him watching her.

The exchange got heated as man and wife began arguing with each other while also yelling at Jennifer, but she stood her ground and told them she would not be removing the windows.

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