April 12, 2021

Daily Joke: Man Gives His Pants to His Wife on Their Wedding Night

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After experiencing a day mixed with fun and laughter, garnished with hearty comments and gifts from loved ones and relatives at his wedding ceremony, Brian decided to engage his wife in a test by giving her his pants. 

July 4 would be the most memorable day for Brian, 28, and Jill. Not only was it their country's independence, but the pair got married lavishly.

They had friends, family, and loved ones who graced the event with their presence, kind words, and gifts. Shortly after the event ended, the groom's father, Richard, took his son to a corner of the room to educate him on marriages.

Husband and wife | Photo: Shutterstock


Richard explained to his young son that he must learn to take charge of matters in the house. The 57-year-old recounted how it was easy to assert authority on his wife.

Brian's dad mentioned that on his wedding night, he gave Grace, his new bride, his pants to wear. When she tried it on, it was outrageously big.


Grace complained that it was too large, but her husband's response was: "Of course, they are too big for you. I wear the pants in this family, and I always will."

Richard added that after the experience, they enjoyed a smooth relationship. Brian adopted the same technique on his wedding night. He threw the same punch lines at Jill, who thought for a while and instructed her husband to wear her jeans.

A bossy woman instructing a man. | Photo: Shutterstock


The 28-year-old was shocked but tried it all the same. After a few seconds, he complained that it was too tight to fit in. Jill smiled and yelled:

"Exactly! And if you don't change your attitude, you never will run things in this home!"


How about a little backup joke for an extra chuckle? Check out how a lawyer advised his client based on debt. Shaun, an accountant, had reached out to Mike concerning his $500 debt.

The former lent his neighbor who failed to keep the promise of repaying in two weeks. The accountant asked his lawyer for an opinion on how to get his money.

Photo of two men having a discussion | Photo: Pexels

The attorney asked his client for proof, but he had none. So he instructed Shaun to write a letter asking Mike for the $5,000 debt. The man blurted: "But it's only $500." His lawyer then responded:

"Precisely. That's what he will reply, then you'll have your proof!"