Story Of the Day: Woman Wants Family to Pay For Her Trip Home After Cutting Her off Financially

Christell Fatima M. Tudtud
Apr 12, 2021
02:20 A.M.
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Self-independence at a young age is a good thing, but it often comes with hardships. Such was the case of this young woman who had to hustle after being cut off financially by her parents.


Melissa went into university using the money her parents saved for her education. She is thankful to them for setting aside money to make sure she could go to any university of her choosing.

Melissa opted for a university with a higher cost of living. Because of the high costs, Melissa had to take a part-time job to supplement the money that her parents send in installments.

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All was well between her and her parents until she told them that she was changing her major. She had been taking up engineering, at her parents' urging.

After her first year in university, Melissa had a change of heart. She realized her passion lies in literature and that she wanted to study and pursue a career in creative writing.

Her parents were utterly disappointed when she told them about her plan to shift to another major. She told them the shift would also entail a one-semester extension for her.

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Her parents, both engineers, had always wanted Melissa to pursue the same career. She had always loved literature but thought engineering was a great field, and she didn't want to disappoint her parents.

Melissa asked her parents to pay for her trip home.

But when she started studying engineering courses, she came to a realization that she would never live a self-fulfilled life as an engineer. She just had a different calling.


Her parents threatened to stop sending her money if she changed her major. When she did make the shift, defying them, her parents made good on their threat.

But Melissa does not want to be forever dictated upon by her parents. She decided to become financially independent but it was a struggle for her.

She has now been working evenings and studying during the day. It has even taken a toll on her health, but she was determined to prove to her parents that she could stand on her own feet.


For their 20th wedding anniversary, her parents asked her to spend a weekend with them and her older sister, Joanne. She would have to take a seven-hour ride, and she could not afford a train ticket.

Melissa asked her parents to pay for her trip home. If they won't, she would not be able to celebrate their anniversary with them. Her older sister found it disrespectful.

Joanne called her and accused her of trying to guilt-trip their parents. She said she does not believe Melissa was that broke to buy a train ticket, although the latter was not lying.

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Melissa also aired her side, saying it was selfish of her parents to set conditions when they paid for her university expenses. She said they were only after their own happiness, not hers.

Which side are you on? Do you agree with Melissa's sentiments? Share your thoughts in the comment section. Afterward, read this story about a similar family drama.