Story of the Day: Man Forbids Stepson to Live in His House

Stephen Thompson
Apr 13, 2021
04:40 A.M.
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A man forbids his stepson from moving into his house when the boy was kicked out of the house for skipping out on paying rent at his apartment.


David has a stepson named John, aged 24, who got evicted from his apartment because he does not want to foot the rent bill. John's roomie Jade looked around and got another tenant, after which he asked him to leave.

After learning of his eviction, John asked his stepfather if he could move in with him and his mother, but the man said no. David thinks his stepson is lazy, a college graduate who only works part-time when he wants to. 

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David paid all his college fees and has decided that it is time for his stepson to man up and take responsibility for his own well-being. David's refusal means John would have to go from New York to Chicago to live with his biological father.

John is adamant about not moving. However, he also refuses to get employment. David and his wife, John's mother, tried to explain that he has to put in work to get what he wants.


They have sent him job postings, and David even helped him get his resume together. He added some embellishments to help John get job interviews.

John would get the interviews, go for them, but sometimes they would require drug tests, and he would conveniently forget to go for them.


David had had enough, and when John called to tell him his sob story about the eviction, the man showed no mercy and told him he simply couldn't stay at his home because he would not take a job.

David could not accept the fact that he worked about 10 hours each day while his stepson sleeps in and parties all night, all at his expense.


Because David has a soft spot for the lazy man, he offered to help pay for his plane ticket to his dad. John refused because he was uninterested in leaving behind his car.

Apparently, he had spent too much on the car to leave it behind. To solve the problem, David offers to rent him a truck, but John refuses, saying he does not want to drive. 

John is certain the only solution is for him to live with them. But David and his wife are unwavering in their decision. The loving but firm stepfather decided to rescind his offer to pay for the ticket and renting of the truck. Do you think he is right?