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Story of the Day: Woman Won't Let Her Kids Play with Eldest Son's PS5

Bettina Dizon
Apr 13, 2021
05:30 A.M.
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Tristan is a proud father to three amazing yet somewhat rowdy boys, who recently faced a dilemma after his eldest son refused to let his brothers play with his game.


While trying to give his kids the best life, Tristan always made sure they knew the value of money. As such, he did not spoil them and made them realize that hard work results in getting what they want.

A few months ago, his 17-year-old, Jake, asked for a PS5. Seeing as the kids already have a Wii and there was no special occasion to celebrate, Tristan refused to buy another gaming device.


Because Jake really wanted a PS5, he began working part-time at a friend’s car wash and saved his allowance to afford the electronic device. Finally, a month ago, he was able to purchase the game.

Jake treated the console like a diamond -- cleaned it, took care of it, and hid it in his room. It is understandable since the PS5 was the result of his hard work and savings. However, Tristan’s two younger sons, aged nine and 10, also wanted to play with it.


Jake refused to allow his younger brothers to play with the PS5 because they had broken several consoles in the past due to negligence, including the Wii, which only has one working remote left.

It will teach them how to save up for something they want as well.


His brothers also previously broke his Nintendo switch after fighting over who got to use it. Additionally, the PS5 was solely Jake’s, and he had all the authority to decline anyone who asked to use it.

Tristan understands his eldest son and respects his decision to care for his gadget in such a way. However, Tristan’s wife believes otherwise and tried to talk to their son about sharing his console.


According to the wife, Jake is unfair and selfish as an older brother. Regardless of her stance, Jake stood firmly by his decision and said that he had the right to refuse if he wanted to since it was his game.

Tristan agreed and told his wife that the PS5 was a product of their son’s hard work, and having the other kids play with something else won’t be a bad thing. In fact, it will teach them how to save up for something they want as well.

Sadly, Tristan’s wife thinks he is unreasonable for not promoting a sharing environment among their children. Do you think Tristan is right for siding with his son? For a similar dilemma, find out why a father refused to give his son’s clothes to his sister-in-law.