Daily Joke: Two Construction Workers Find a Skeleton on the 49th Floor

Comfort Omovre
Apr 18, 2021
05:10 A.M.
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While working on a large, old building, two construction workers found a skeleton behind the elevator shaft and called the attention of the police to their discovery. 


In Chicago, a large, ancient building needed to be demolished to allow for the construction of a modern skyscraper. Construction workers were deployed to the building to begin the demolition process. 

While working on the building's 49th floor, two workers discovered a skeleton behind the elevator shaft. After finding the skeleton, the workers decided to alert the police of their discovery. 

Two architects looking up at development building. | Photo: Getty Images


The police arrived soon after, and the two construction workers led them to the skeleton, which was fully clothed and standing upright. The workers believed the skeleton could be that of an important personality like Jimmy Hoffa. 

After two days, the construction workers called the police and introduced themselves as the men who had found the skeleton. They asked if the skeleton belonged to Hoffa or another important personality. 


The police officer at the receiving end of the call explained that the skeleton did not belong to Hoffa. However, it belonged to someone kind of important. The men wondered who the skeleton belonged to, and the officer replied: 

"The 1956 Blonde Hide-and-Seek Champion." 


Here is another joke about a blonde woman who called a travel agent. The blonde woman wanted to travel for a holiday and called the travel agent to make inquiries. She asked the agent how long the flights from America to England took. 

Needing to verify the exact answer to the blonde's question, the flight agent replied, "Just a minute." However, the blonde answered, "Thanks!" and hung up the phone.


Two blondes, Sally and Ian, had been wanting to adopt a child for a long time and were finally granted their request after the adoption center told them they had been selected as a Chinese baby girl's potential parents. 

On their way home from the adoption center, they stopped over at a local university and enrolled in night classes. After filling out their forms, the registration clerk asked them a curious question. 

Portrait of two blondes in white T-shirts smiling. | Photo: Getty Images


The clerk said he noticed Sally and Ian wanted to learn the Chinese language and wondered why they arrived at that decision. Ian replied and explained they had just adopted a Chinese baby girl. Sally added: 

"That's right. We want to be able to understand her when she speaks."

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