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Story of the Day: Man Kicks His Sister's Fiancé Out of His Wedding

Comfort Omovre
Apr 18, 2021
03:40 A.M.
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Peter drove his sister's fiancé out of his wedding after the latter locked his kids in their room, claiming he did not want them to be all over the place during the ceremony. 


Peter and Isabella had been together for four years and grew fond of each other within that time. Besides their love for each other, Isabella's kids from a previous relationship, Mike, 4, and Lucy, 6, were also fond of Peter. 

About six months ago, Peter proposed to Isabella and committed to spending the rest of their lives together. He invited some of his family members to their wedding ceremony. 

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He also invited his younger sister, Maureen's fiancé, James, to the wedding. Maureen and James had been dating for about three years and were going to walk down the aisle soon. 

While James and Peter were cool, there was something the latter did not like about his brother-in-law-to-be. This was James' dislike for kids, which he did not even try to hide. 

He did not like being in the company of children and disliked attending events where children were present. Hence, when Peter invited him to his wedding, he asked if his stepkids would attend. 


Peter said they would attend but that they would be the only kids in attendance. This did not go down well with James, and his efforts to persuade Peter not to bring the kids along proved abortive. 

On the day of the wedding, James and Maureen arrived late. When they arrived, James noticed that Lucy and Mike were present and did not look pleased. 

After a while, he offered to wash them up so that they could eat their food. However, he later emerged from the bathroom without the kids. Peter asked about the children, but James said they were in their room playing. 


Peter was busy with something else and did not bother to check. But after about 30 minutes of not seeing Lucy and Mike, he became worried. 

He went into their room and saw that the door was locked. He asked James for the key to the room, which he provided after initially refusing. When Peter unlocked the door, his stepkids embraced him. 

Lucy told him that James told them to stay in their room and play else he (Peter) would be mad at them. Peter was livid on hearing this and accused James of being cruel. 


However, James said he was trying to keep the kids from wandering around the place during the wedding. This did not go down well with Peter, and both men soon engaged in a shouting match. 

The rest of the family intervened, with Maureen asking her brother to calm down as it was not much of a big deal. Peter was not having it and drove his sister and her fiancé out of his wedding. 


His parents and older family members criticized him for taking such a harsh measure and asked him to reconcile with his sister and James. However, he refused and has not been in contact with them since then. 

What do you make of the situation? Was James' action justified or an act of wickedness? Did Peter overreact? Should he have taken a different step? Share your thoughts. 

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