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Story of the Day: Nurse Makes Fun of a Heavily Pregnant Woman's Shirt

Busayo Ogunjimi
Apr 14, 2021
03:20 A.M.
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A nurse in a local hospital made fun of a pregnant woman's shirt during her visit to the prenatal clinic, triggering bouts of condemnation from her colleagues.


Abigail was a nurse at a local hospital in Seattle, where she had worked since obtaining her license seven years ago. She counted herself lucky to finally land her dream job, and wouldn't have settled for anything else.

However, despite loving her job, she sometimes dreaded working in her department, as one of the doctors there, Dr. Shepherd, seemingly hated her and made a point of making her working experience unpleasant.

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She dreaded it, especially when the doctor, also a female, hauled insults at her in front of patients and other colleagues. Sadly, the majority of the doctor's insults were targeted at her outfits.

Each time Abigail changed out of her work clothes, the doctor made a point of making fun of her and her outfits, which was both humiliating and annoying. Yet, she always sucked it up.

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Luckily, Dr. Shepherd became pregnant and went on maternity leave, finally giving Abigail some peace. However, one fateful day, the nurse ran into her self-proclaimed nightmare at the prenatal clinic while stopping by to check in on a friend during her break.

Upon sighting the heavily pregnant Dr. Shepherd in line with the other pregnant women, Abigail attempted to retreat, but it was too late. The doctor gave a disgusted sigh just then to express her displeasure at seeing her.

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Abigail couldn't help but stare transfixed at the usually prim and fashionably dressed doctor, who now looked ruffled in an oversized t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms.

She recognized that particular shirt as one belonging to Dr. Shepherd's boyfriend, as she had seen him wear it on occasions while picking up the doctor.

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Before Abigail could take another step on her way out, the doctor gave a cheeky laugh and asked if she was going to change into her hideous clothing at the end of her shift. Mortified, the nurse responded:

"At least my shirt fits me."

The icy response stopped everyone on their track as all gaze turned to Abigail, with disgust and disappointment evident on their faces.

Photo of a pregnant woman | Photo: Pexels


The other nurses chastised her for making fun of a pregnant woman's body and appearance. All attempts to explain that she never directed her remark at the doctor's pregnancy or baby bump fell on deaf ears.

Abigail even tried explaining that she simply wanted to make fun of the pregnant woman's shirt because she usually appeared fashionable and continually mocked her appearance. And seeing her in her boyfriend's shirt, which was a misfit, seemed like the perfect opportunity to make a clap back.

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Everyone at the prenatal clinic eventually asked Abigail to leave, with whispers of disapproval, as most turned to comfort the doctor, to her horror.

What would you have done if you found yourself in Abigail's situation? Would you have taken the bait as she did or simply sucked up Dr. Shepherd's comment as usual?

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