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Woman Arrested For Allegedly Pocketing $1.2 Million Accidentally Deposited Into Her Account

Christell Fatima M. Tudtud
Apr 18, 2021
05:40 A.M.
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A 911 dispatcher was arrested and charged with theft for allegedly refusing to return $1.2 million that was mistakenly deposited into her account. The woman, Kelyn Spadoni, was also fired.


When Kelyn Spadoni saw that a whopping $1.2 million was deposited into her brokerage account, she allegedly moved the money quickly to another account. She then bought a house and a car.

The 33-year-old 911 dispatcher from Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, ended up in jail and lost her job. She was charged with theft valued at over $25,000.

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According to Captain Jason Rivarde, spokesperson of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office, Spadoni is also facing bank fraud charges and illegal transmission of monetary funds. The official said:

"She has no legal claim to that money. Even if it was put in there by mistake."

The money belonged to Charles Schwab & Co., a finance and banking establishment. They accused the former dispatcher of being uncooperative when they reached out to her after they discovered the error.

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The company had meant to transfer only about $82 into the account of Spadoni, who had worked for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office for over four years. But an error ensued.

When they attempted to recover the deposited money, they could not do so because Spadoni quickly moved it into another account. She also ignored the company's calls, texts, and emails.

Aside from using the money to pay off their bills, the couple also bought a four-wheeler vehicle.

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Instead of returning the money, Spadoni allegedly went on a shopping spree. She splurged on a house and a 2021 Hyundai Genesis sport utility vehicle.

The finance company, which plans to sue her at the federal court, stated that Spadoni violated her account contract by not returning the money when she knew it was an overpayment.

This was not the first time someone landed in prison after spending wrongly deposited money. In September 2019, a couple from Pennsylvania was charged with theft in a similar case.


Like Spadoni, the couple went on a shopping spree after $120,000 was accidentally deposited into their account by a BB&T bank teller. They allegedly spent over $100,000 of the amount.

Aside from using the money to pay off their bills, the couple also bought a four-wheeler vehicle. Even though they dodged attempts to contact them, the law eventually caught up with them.

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In an opposite reaction to misplaced money, a man in Florida received national admiration after returning a lost wallet to its owner. Debra Crosby was overjoyed when a good Samaritan came to her house to return her missing wallet.

She didn't know the man's name, but she called him her "guardian angel" because of his random act of kindness. The heart-warming moment was captured by a porch camera and went viral after it was shared online.