Daily Joke: Old Grouchy General Gets to the Military Hospital for Treatment of a Minor Malady

Stephen Thompson
Apr 16, 2021
05:10 A.M.
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An old general was grounded at a military hospital for the treatment of a trivial illness. He did not take the confinement lightly. Find out what he did.  


An old war hero turned general fell sick with a trivial illness. He was confined to a military-owned hospital where he was to recuperate. He was in good hands, but the general did not appreciate laying in bed all day, every day.

For the first couple of days, he was a total nuisance. The general was so irritable, he got to the normally passive staff. The other patients were not spared either; the general demanded attention and expected all of his orders followed promptly and without questions.

A millitary man | Photo: Pxhere


He was situated in a ward allocated to six people, including himself. Every day the irritable man would come up with new complaints; sometimes it was the cold food, other times it was the too-bright lights and the nighttime activities that affected his sleep. 

One afternoon, a staff member entered the ward and announced that it was time for the general's temperature to be taken. The man growled before eventually opening his mouth to take the thermometer. The orderly had this to say:

"Sorry, General, but for this test we need your temperature from the other end."

A photo of a doctor talking to a male patient. | Photo: Shutterstock


The declaration prompted a barrage of insults, but the orderly would not budge, insisting that a rectal temperature was what was required. Eventually, the general rolled over, exposed his rear, and gave the orderly permission to continue with it.

The staff asked him to maintain the position and he would be back in five minutes. He lied. An hour later, the head nurse strolled into the room, caught sight of the spectacle that was the general's naked rear, and immediately inquired to know what was happening. 


The grumpy general replied with a question; he wanted to know if the top nurse had not seen anyone getting their temperature taken before, but the answer he got shocked him. The head nurse said, 

"Yes I have, General, but with a daffodil?"

A nurse wearing a face mask | Photo: Pexels



A man strolled into a physician's office. He met the receptionist who asked him what he came to treat. The man replied, "Shingles," so she collected his personal information and asked him to take a seat.

After 15 minutes, a nurse's aide came out to ask him what he had. He replied with shingles again, and the aide took more information from him. 30 minutes later, a nurse walked over to him to ask what he came to treat— his reply was the same. 


She ran a couple of tests on him and asked him to discard his clothes as he waited for the doctor. The doctor entered an hour later and asked the man what he had— he gave the same answer, shingles. 

The doctor asked him where he had the shingles and the man answered that he had it in his truck. All he wanted to know is where they wanted it.