April 16, 2021

Story of the Day: Woman Refuses to Attend Church with Her Roommates

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Four roommates, Lou, Jen, May, and Mark, went on an Easter trip. However, the supposedly fun vacation turned sour after Lou forced them to hear mass.

After a year locked up in their home, three roommates decided to go on a four-day trip for Easter in a relatively near town. Of course, they all abided by the COVID-19 guidelines and got swabbed before traveling.

Lou, Jen, May, and Mark planned an itinerary, which included visiting museums, hotspots, and historical landmarks, ensuring everyone was alright with the schedule. They also allotted time for individual exploration, should they feel like it.


Everything went well until Easter Sunday came. The four friends went for a drive and ended up in a nice park, behind a church. When Lou saw that there was a mass inside, she invited everyone to enter and participate.

However, Jen declined the invitation and pulled her friend aside. Jen explained that she could not enter the church because of several traumatizing incidents when she was a little girl, which she did not want to talk about.


She further explained that her faith is slowly being restored, but hearing mass and rushing things is something she still cannot take. However, she is still working on her own issues alone and hoped Lou would understand.

May and Mark understood where she was coming from, having had their own traumatizing experiences.


Sadly, Lou, a devout Catholic, did not understand and immediately got upset. She began telling her friend off and called her a hypocrite for entering the La Sagrada Familia a few years ago during a trip. Lou said:

“You are ruining this trip by bringing up your personal preferences. If you know anything about camaraderie, you would suck up your pride and enter with us.”


Jen then explained that her visit to La Sagrada was not a religious visit as she saw it as a historical landmark with exquisite architecture. More so, it was part of a scheduled tour with no religious event happening inside.

As things escalated, May and Mark intervened and tried to calm the girls down. However, Lou was going hysterical while telling Jen that she would burn in hell with how she perceives Catholicism.


May and Mark understood where she was coming from, having had their own traumatizing experiences. However, Lou was set on breaking their friendship and has not spoken to her in two weeks.

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