Story of the Day: Man Shows His Daughter a Threatening Text Her Fiancé Sent Him

Apr 22, 2021
01:10 A.M.
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A 63-year-old widower from Connecticut showed his daughter a text from her fiancé that led to the intending couple's separation. Here is what happened.


Richard has always had a compassionate heart. His work colleagues knew him to be a virtuous man, full of empathy. After losing his wife Theresa to cancer, he was left to raise and care for their little girl Sophia.

Richard later remarried and adopted his wife's disabled son, Terry. Unfortunately, Terry's mom got involved in a car crash that claimed her life three years ago, leaving Richard to care for the kids.

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Sophia, who is now 23, has always shown concern for her little 17-year-old brother. The young adult recently got engaged to Peter, and the pair have been planning a truckload of activities for their big day.

Peter is from a wealthy family, and even though he visits his fiancée's family and spends time with them, he cannot resist showing off his high-class attitude.

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The 27-year-old never eats in Sophia's home and often avoids staying around Terry. His soon-to-be father-in-law cautioned him often, but the young man refused to change.

One would have thought that Peter was a spoiled brat with no empathy for people with disabilities, but his entire household constantly showcased the same traits when they visit.

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Recently, the 27-year-old reached out to Richard. The pair talked about the upcoming wedding, and Sophia's dad, although uninterested in the conversations, tried to display a warm demeanor.

Before ending the call, Peter explained that he would not want Terry at the wedding because their family would invite high-class guests. This did not go down well with Richard, who felt his daughter's fiancé was being insensitive. The men argued for a while.

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In the end, they each maintained their stand. His son-in-law followed up with a text message, which implied that the wedding choices were up to Sophia to make.

Peter also wrote that the 17-year-old is technically not part of their family and that his father-in-law was hell-bent on embarrassing him due to resentment.

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It stunned Richard, who decided to show it to his daughter shortly after she came home from work. When Sophia read it, she took a photo of the text and left home. The next day, the 63-year-old got calls from his younger siblings.

They accused him of wrecking what could have been his daughter's fairytale love life. Richard's siblings claimed he could have left Terry in their care while he walked the bride down the aisle.

Richard learned that his firstborn had canceled the wedding and reached out to their guests on the new development. Do you think the father-of-two handled the situation maturely by showing his daughter the message?