April 25, 2021

Lindsay Arnold Gives Her Thoughts on Motherhood and the Pressure Women Face With Breastfeeding

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Latin and ballroom dancer Lindsay Arnold is a new mother, and she recently opened up about the general challenges that moms face when raising their kids.

Lindsay Arnold got candid about mom shamers and reminded everyone that no one is perfect when it comes to motherhood. The 27-year-old is embracing breastfeeding pressures.

“At the end of the day, you just want your kids to be happy,” the mother of one told People while promoting her Ivy City Co. dress collection.

Lindsay Arnold attends the launch of the RivalWorld Market at Macy's Westfield Century City on February 5, 2019 in Century City, California | Photo: Getty Images



Arnold dished on her mommy-and-me dress collection, which launches on April 29. She also shared how she deals with the pressures of motherhood as a mom to daughter, Sage Jill.

Arnold welcomed her first child with her husband Samuel Lightner Cusick in November 2020. She said one of the pressures she has experienced revolves around her breastfeeding.

Lindsay Arnold strikes a pose during the third week of the 2019 season of "Dancing with the Stars," on September 30 | Photo: Getty Images


The “Dancing with The Stars” alum shared she had been exclusively breastfeeding up until her baby girl was four-and-a-half months old, but she later learned that Sage would still cry because she was hungry.

Arnold shared that she has a nice, awesome, growing baby girl who eats a lot. She revealed she has been supplementing with the formula while adding it has worked for them and that her child is happy.  



In January, she got candid about her breastfeeding experience and said no one prepared her for nipple pain while doing so. Arnold shared her struggles and revealed:

“Like no one prepares you for that. They’re like, ‘Get the cream. You’ll be fine.’ The ointments didn’t help. I just had to tough it out.”



On April 13, Arnold showed off her C-section scar in a photo wearing a bikini. She captioned the Instagram post while addressing the speculations that she was photoshopping her scar from her pictures.

In the post, Arnold emphasized that she does not usually entertain such comments but would now respond because it is important. The Utah native shared the scar is a favorite part of her body because it represents something she is proud of, her child Sage.



The choreographer also recently opened up about possibly returning to “DWTS” after giving birth to her daughter. She took a season off to have her baby.

With great enthusiasm, Arnold revealed she is definitely planning on making a return to the dancing competition. She added she is ready and feels good and excited while revealing she wants to dance again.

Arnold highlighted that even though she would love to be back on the show, it is up to the producers to decide if they want her back or not. Pro dancers are never guaranteed a spot on the show. If she makes it back, she disclosed she would dedicate her performances to her little girl.