Story of the Day: Man Canceled Wedding Because of Conflict between His Fiancée & Her Ex-friend

Laura Beatham
Apr 26, 2021
12:00 A.M.
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A man decided to cancel his wedding because of an ongoing conflict between his fiancée and her ex-friend that had boiled over into their wedding plans.


Jim called off his wedding to his fiancée, Meg, because an ongoing conflict she had with her former best friend, Sue, affected their wedding and future plans. 

Jim met Meg shortly after her divorce, she already had two grown-up children, but he did not mind as she was so kind, fun, and caring towards him. Plus, he thought it would be lovely to connect with her children because he never had any. 

A close up of a bride holing her bouquet of flowers. | Photo: Kelley


He helped pay for many of their expenses, including a few years of the children's college because they felt like his family. Jim paid for a few of Meg's debts so she could start her own business. 

She had wanted to start a business with her former friend, Sue, but they had an argument over it, and their friendship broke up. Jim tried to support her and encouraged her to start her own plan. 


He proposed to her a few years into their relationship, and they started plans to have a COVID wedding which would involve a small gathering of close friends in Jim's parents' backyard. 

Meg was very excited when they first started planning. She wanted them to do a big BBQ and have a dessert table. She started planning the guest list and arrange where people would sit.


Jim was also very excited. However, everything changed when Meg saw Sue had an elaborate function for her wedding, and Meg started wanting more and more. She first changed the venue as she wanted more guests. 

She kept asking Jim to change plans around as she wanted a bigger event than Sue. Jim tried his best and incorporated Meg's wishes where he could, but it started getting more expensive.



Meg also changed; she became more guarded about her phone and her business plans. She complained that Sue had all the best things in life, the best house, the bests job, and the best man. This really hurt Jim's feelings as he felt he had the best with her. 

Eventually, he found her phone unattended and saw some very hurtful things she had said. One of her friends referred to him as her sugar daddy, and Meg herself complained to her friend about Jim. 

Jim confronted her. Meg blamed him for not giving her her dream wedding and said it was his fault for even looking at her phone as she had just been venting her feelings to her friend. 

Jim told her that they would hold off the wedding to reevaluate what they wanted in life. Should Jim apologize for looking at Meg's phone? What would you do in this situation?