Instagram Star Cat Ponzu Killed & His Owner Injured after Attack in an NYC Park — Details Revealed

Stephen Thompson
Apr 23, 2021
04:50 A.M.
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A famous cat on Instagram lost its life recently after getting attacked by a young boy and his family— find out all the details here. 

A cat known as Ponzu lost its ninth life at a park in New York City on April 4 in what looked to be a hate crime even though no arrests were made. 

The owners of the late cat, who had a huge following of about 22k people on Instagram, told his followers about his demise in a shared post on April 7. 

Photo of a cat living in a cardboard box. | Photo: Shutterstock


The post included a picture of the adorable creature with a subtitle of the date he was born and the day he passed. It was within the tribute that Ponzu's human father and mother revealed how he died. 

The lengthy write-up began with a revelation that Ponzu died in shock after enduring injuries from an attack their family — composed of the cat's owner Chanan Aksornnan, her boyfriend, and their other pets — had faced that day. It read:

"Our family got physically assaulted that day and there is a pending police investigation to find and charge the perpetrators..."


The tribute mentioned the kind of cat Ponzu had been; he was a kind and special one and Aksornnan and her beau fell in love with it "at first sight." 

Aksornnan admitted in the write-up that Ponzu had been equipped with a "fragile heart" but had been doing well before the incident that shortened his life— he was only three years and four months. 

The family of eight got violent instead of apologizing.


She had been out for a walk with her boyfriend, a leashed Ponzu, and three other pets of theirs. The attack started when a 12-year-old boy allegedly tripped over the cat's leash. 

Aksornnan thinks the kid deliberately pulled on the leash, thereby pulling the cat along the ground, ripping out its claws as it resisted before finally flinging him into the air. 


Ponzu died of a heart attack on the scene, and it led to a clash between a grievous Aksornnan and the boy's family, who were simply unapologetic about the whole affair. 

The family of eight got violent instead of apologizing, seemingly incensed by her screaming at their kid when they were really mad she was walking her cat on a leash. They swarmed Aksornnan and her consort; even her other animals got a punch and a pull from someone. 

Police later confirmed a hunt for one suspect— a white female Hispanic with red hair. She was identified as Evelyn Serrano, 42, and was later arrested and charged with assault in connection to the incident. RIP Ponzu. 

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