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Story of the Day: Woman Kicks Sister Out for Using the Bedroom She Shared with Her Late Husband

Comfort Omovre
Apr 26, 2021
05:00 A.M.
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After finding out that her sister and her boyfriend used the bedroom belonging to her and her late husband, Amanda has asked the duo to vacate. What do their parents think about it?


Amanda and Joel were happily married until Joel was involved in an accident and lost his life. He was on a long journey to visit a friend who was sick. 

The journey went on for hours and entered into the night, resulting in the unfortunate accident. Joel spent over a week in the hospital after sustaining serious injuries.

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He finally died after he stopped responding to treatment. Joel's death left Amanda in a state of confusion and pain. She was now left alone in their apartment.

However, her parents were a big source of support and encouragement. They thought it wise to send Mildred, Amanda's sister, to keep her company and help out with the house chores. 

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Amanda was relieved seeing her sister. Mildred spent a lot of time indoors and took advantage of being in the house always to bring her boyfriend Alex to the house. 

Alex became extra comfortable and began making decisions in the house. He moved and discarded stuff whenever he liked. Amanda was not happy with his actions, hence, she talked to the couple about it.

Mildred felt her sister was acting out of grief and frustration. 


She told them she was not going to let Alex spend the night anymore in her house. The next day, she stepped out for a while to see her friend. On getting home, Amanda met Alex boldly walking out of her bedroom, and she asked why he was there.

It was a shocker seeing Mildred behind him. Angrily, Amanda asked what they were doing in her and her late husband's bedroom. Mildred replied, saying they borrowed it for a while to get some privacy since Amanda could enter the house at any time as she had her own key.


Amanda lost her temper and kicked the duo out, seeing that her bed looked like it had been used. Meanwhile, Mildred felt her sister was acting out of grief and frustration. 

Amanda insisted that they leave if they were not going to respect her and her husband's privacy, adding that they should never have walked into her bedroom. 


Not long after, the sisters' mother came to see what was happening. She wasn't in support of Mildred and she blamed her boyfriend but felt Amanda was ungrateful for kicking out her sister who came to help out. Their dad also thought the same and advised that the sisters talk things out.

What do you think about this? Was Amanda wrong for asking her sister to leave? What would you do if you were in her shoes?

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