Kentucky Mom Charged with Murder after 10-Year-Old Son Was Found Dead in the Trunk of Her Car

Dayna Remus
Apr 23, 2021
03:40 P.M.
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A Kentucky mom is being held at the Louisville Metro Corrections center after being accused of cutting her son's tongue out and subsequently murdering him.


A ten-year-old boy was found dead in the trunk of his mother's car. The Kentucky mom has since been charged with the murder of her child, as well as with interfering with evidence. 

Officers responding to a 911 caller in Louisville this past Tuesday came across Kaitlyn Renee Higgins. The 28-year-old woman was on the porch, where blood was visible on the steps. 

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On arrival, the officers chose to open the trunk of her car, where they came across the boy's body. The official report states that Higgins admitted to cutting his tongue out and then shooting him.  

The mother admitted that she drowned her kids to save them from the alleged abuse of their father.

Senator Morgan McGarvey commented, stating that House Bill 310 will most likely come into effect. This was recently passed to prevent offenders who will most likely repeat out of the general population. 



Since the egregious incident, the accused murderer, Higgins, has been sent to the Louisville Metro Corrections center. She is being held there on a cash bond of $250,000. 

It has been reported that the mother of the now-dead 10-year-old boy does not have any lawyer on record with the court. At this point, the police have declined to comment on why she may have allegedly done it. 



Baby sitter to the victim, Miah Lancaster, chose to speak about the situation, saying she only found out in the morning via social media. Continuing, she expressed

"This should have never happened. KJ was so smart. He was a beautiful kid." 

Carrying on, she described the young boy as a good kid, stating that she never had any trouble with him. She said he was a child full of love and sweetness. 

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A fellow neighbor expressed that she wished she could have done something to assist KJ, preventing what had occurred. Continuing, this she said

"I know I heard those shots. Is there something I could have done? 

In the past, there have been alleged reports from neighbors of animal abuse against Higgins, claiming a dog had been ill-treated. They expressed that none of them knew the alleged true extent of the situation. 

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Recently, another mother has been accused of taking her children's lives. Her three kids were aged 3 and 2 years old and a baby of 6 months. 

This was during a heated custody battle between her and the late children's dad Erik Denton. The mother admitted that she drowned her kids to save them from the alleged abuse of their father.  

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