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Stray Great Pyrenees Dog Spent Several Months Eluding a Community until He Was Finally Caught

Dayna Remus
Apr 27, 2021
07:50 P.M.
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A Great Pyrenees, Miles, crossed paths with long-time animal lover and helper Megan Allen, and now the cute pooch has a loving family of his own to call home. 


A stray dog, Miles, used to run away whenever someone tried to rescue him off the streets for months on end. However, with patience, three good samaritans recently managed to catch the Great Pyrenees. 

A loving family has adopted this cute canine, but it wasn't an easy journey. Miles can give thanks to trapper Danny Spanks, Courtney, and Allen herself, who has reportedly rescued over 250 dogs

Puppy lying down and looking at the camera. | Photo: Getty Images



When the trio finally managed to catch him, they took the nervous animal to an altruistic home for dogs, where they allegedly treat them with utter care. Speaking to the white dog, Allen exclaimed: 

"You're at a pet resort, okay?"

According to Allen, Miles could now relax completely, feeling relief after having spent his time surviving on the streets for so long. Finally, Miles was adopted by a loving family and became known as "Cosmo."



Around one week ago, the 'pet resort,' Mad Love Animal Rescue, posted on Instagram, sharing that Cosmo had found a new family. Speaking about dogs finally finding safety after being strays, Allen expressed

"People wonder why I do this every single day. It's for this."

Expanding on Cosmo's new family life, the rescue center conveyed that he has other dogs to play with as well as a large natural space. The pictures showed a new, fresh, and joyful canine enjoying himself



It was a long journey from the streets to finally finding a caring home. For ages, Allen would try to reel him in by feeding him treats, but as soon as she pulled out the dog catchpole, he would bolt.

Earlier this year a police officer was seen seemingly abusing a K-9 dog. 

Finally, with the help of trapper Spanks and her friend Courtney they were able to rescue him. Before this, Milo was living under the strain of violent heat and alleged attacks from other strays. 



Cosmo is not the only Great Pyrenees to be rescued and met with love. Mid last year, a puppy, abused, shot at, and infested with ticks, found his foster and hopefully adoptive parents. 

Like Cosmo, it would take a long time to catch the small dog. He had to recover from multiple surgeries after his time on the streets, such as neutering and fixing a broken femur, to name a few.

Unfortunately, not all canines are treated with the care these inherently loving animals deserve. Earlier this year, a police officer was seen seemingly abusing a K-9 dog. 

A video of the incident was posted on social media, leaving the online world infuriated. Some even demanded that the accused officer be fired for this alleged mistreatment. 


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