Cat Was Ignored by a Lot of People at a Shelter Because of Her Grumpy Facial Expression

Laura Beatham
Apr 27, 2021
09:10 P.M.
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A cat who was ignored by many potential owners because of her grumpy facial expression found love and her favorite food with her new owner.


Francisca Franken was scrolling through social media one evening when the grumpy expression of a cat from a shelter made her stop. Although she admitted that she first laughed at the cat because she had never seen a cat behave this way. 

Nonetheless, she fell in love with Bean and messaged the shelter to find more details about adopting her. She was so excited about the possible adoption; she could not fall asleep that night. 


Luckily the shelter called her back and let her know Bean was available. However, Franken explained that they had double-checked that she wanted Bean because no one had shown interest in her before.

Franken explained their first meeting. Bean had been so small; she had stubby legs, a short tail, and a flattened face. This did not stop Franken from crying as she was so overwhelmed, she shared:

"One woman led me to her room, and what I saw was much more beautiful than I could ever imagine."


It turned out before going to the shelter; Bean was a stray at a trailer park. She had suffered an eye infection and had never known a loving home, but Franken was determined to change that. 

Franken took the cat home with her. Bean immediately started showing Franken how thankful she was for her new home, as the new cat mom explained that she was very cuddly and clingy towards her.

Francken said her pet has got her through some tough times and that she loves her very much.


However, as Bean warmed up to her new home, Franken started noticing her more sassy side, a side which she has come to really love and appreciate. Bean is still cuddly and loves being with Franken as they sleep in the same bed each night. 

Bean also follows Franken around, and they are always spotted in the same room. As Franken got to know her feline friend better, she discovered Bean has a fascinating obsession with olives, as Franken explained

"The first time she stole an olive... she ran up to me and smacked the olive right out of my hand, scooped it up and ran away to eat it under the couch."


Olives actually contain a chemical found in catnip, which explains Bean's obsession with the salty snack. Cats can eat small amounts of olives, so Franken will give her a few as a snack.

Franken shares Bean's love for olives on her Instagram page, @bebbybeansprout. She also posts adorable photos of Bean enjoying life in her forever home. 


Although Bean is not an official emotional support animal, Francken said her pet has got her through some tough times and that she loves her very much. Bean gets plenty of love from Franken and her 11.6k followers.

All animals are special, but when they have a little quirk to them, such as a facial deformity, a grumpy facial expression like Bean, or something else, it just makes them even more lovable.